Adex Group Provides Solutions to Optimise Warehouse Space

Adex Group offers overall space management solutions for warehouses in Australia. When paired with their highly innovative mezzanine systems, they not only increase storage space, they increase efficiency in warehouse operations.

[SEVEN HILLS, 21/03/2019] – Adex Group, a provider of mezzanine systems and platforms, offers services to improve the space management in warehouses in Australia. These include design with price quotation, warehouse inspection and workplace optimisation.

With inadequate warehouse space, businesses can sometimes resort to cramming stock and equipment into a warehouse. However, this increases inefficiency and also heightens the risk of injuries and accidents.

The Benefits of Moving Up—the Adex Group Space Solution

Adex Group mezzanine systems maximise the vertical space of warehouses, allowing companies to implement more efficient and productive operations. The mezzanine floors can open up additional space without the need to invest in a new warehouse facility. Building upwards multiplies the floor area capacity of a warehouse, providing the space necessary for inventory and storage.

Adex Group’s mezzanine floors are designed to withstand heavy load capacities, depending on the needs of each client. Complementary equipment like loading gates and barriers ensure that load transport within the facility keeps workers safe from possible hazards. The mezzanine systems increase not only the storage capacity of warehouses but also contribute to smoother operations.

Raised Platforms

Adex Group also provides raised platforms which can be incorporated into the existing layout of the warehouse, adjusting to the specifics of its structure. This adaptability allows clients to install the service platform without disruption company operations. Additionally, the platforms are modular and pre-fabricated, which means that they can be disassembled and relocated if needed.

These structures can be finished in stainless steel or galvanised, making them suitable for use in environments which process food or other special requirements. Adex Group creates structures which comply with WH and S regulations.

Office Use

There’s no real reason why unused vertical space shouldn’t be used as extra office space. Adex Group will make sure there’s adequate plumbing and ventilation and can design around obstacles and irregular spaces. Once this is done, the space can be used for administrative, training or any other application that a regular office space is used for.

Ease of Service

The company offers no-obligation design and quote services for businesses looking to upgrade their warehouse. Interested clients need only provide information regarding their current warehouse space, and Adex Group’s team of experts will come up with the most feasible solution. The team is highly adaptable; they are committed to providing the solution that will match the client’s needs and do so at competitive prices.

About Adex Group

Adex Group is a highly trusted manufacturer of industrial mezzanine systems and design platforms, providing space management solutions for warehouses and other similar facilities in Australia. They have over 35 years of experience in the industry, with a track record of serving companies in different sectors. Adex Group commits to providing quality customer service for clients regarding all warehouse platform needs, whether for small enquiries or large-scale projects.

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