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Jumeirah 4 – Fishing Harbor
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Jet Ski in Dubai offers the best adventure water sports in Dubai. Discover Dubai from the seas with stunning views and powerful riding sessions.

Jet Ski Dubai introduces the Burj Al Arab Jet Ski tour is a 30 minute riding session that will take riders through the Persian Gulf to uncover different angles of the Burj Al Arab. The Palm Jumeirah Jet Ski tour is a 1 hour and 30 minute session that is exciting and adventurous enabling riders to discover all that Dubai has to offer. The Palm Jumeirah is breathtaking, and with a friendly and experienced instructor rider will be able to master the techniques of jet skiing quickly.

The Mina Seyahi is a 1 hour Jet Ski tour session where individuals can ride along the beautiful Jumeirah beach and enjoy the skyline view of Dubai. It is a magical and incredible experience for water sporting enthusiasts.

Dubai offers the best water sports in Dubai for beginners and experienced riders. The instructor at Jet Ski in Dubai will offer detailed instructions on how to drive a jet ski. Riders will be fully equipped with all the necessary instructions and safety measures to ensure they have a comfortable trip. They can speed past iconic sights and impressive landmarks while seeing the towering Burj Al Arab from a different viewpoint. Enjoy the Palm Jumeirah Beach, take some pictures and have some free time. Admire the architecture and impressive buildings of the city.

Riders can learn the basics of jet skiing with the guidance of an expert jet ski instructor in Dubai. The entire ocean is at their fingertips. “The Yamaha jet skis can reach a speed of 100kmph but for even a lower speed, it will feel like flying out of the water. It is hair-raising and for thrill-seekers visiting the city, it is an adventure like you’ve never known before, says the Head of Jet Ski Dubai.

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Jet Ski Dubai is a professional water-sport company specialising in Jet Ski adventures. We have a team of professional instructors and our goal is to enable inexperienced riders, adventure seekers and professional riders to enjoy the best of jet skiing. We offer the highest quality equipment and excellent services that guarantees an unforgettable experience in Dubai. For more information, visit our website on