Weekly Best Online Poker Offers From PokerLion

14th July 2018,Kolkata,West Bengal,India:Poker Lion the most popular online poker site of India announced some most exciting offers this week. PokerLion is a newest online poker site in India, they appear in the scenario from last February 2018, Just in this few days PokerLion become the most largest online poker site. Actually now every day a new poker gaming site is launching in India, but between them few can make stand for them. But PokerLion is not like this, the aim of PokerLion is introduce Poker as a social game, because till today poker is recognised as taboo in our society. When the rest of the world considered that the game of poker is a game of skills, not just a game of luck.

For this novel cause PokerLion announced more exciting offers to attract more people to play poker. So as always PokerLion also introduced some new offers for the poker players of India.

The New offers are followed:

1] Get ₹500 Instant Bonus: Deposit ₹10,000 and get ₹500 instant bonus

2] Football Fever Freeroll: 3Lac GTD winner prize. The qualifying period till 15th July, and the offers valid till 18th July 2018.

3] Get An Mi Band: Deposit ₹10,000 and get the chance to win an Mi Band free

4] 200% Bonus and 1 Movie ticket: Deposit ₹2000 and get 200% as bonus balance and get 1 Movie ticket free

5] PokerLion King: Top three depositors of the month will get ₹5000 as Instant Bonus.

And The Most Exciting,

6] Trip To Nepal: Deposit ₹2Lac and get ₹5000 as Instant Bonus with a 4Days Free Trip To Nepal.