IV Oasis Brings Natural IV Infusions to Hollywood

IV Oasis is proud to announce the launch of their new business in Los Angeles, CA. The goal of this new service is to empower people to improve their own health by providing natural IV drip treatments, conveniently delivered to homes, apartments, or hotels.

In addition to hosting an IV Oasis Pool Party in the Hollywood Hills every other Saturday, IV Oasis also sells a wide array of IV treatments. The entire start-up business was created by a licensed medical doctor, Eric Tate, M.D.

Each of the IV Infusions offered by IV Oasis is safe and virtually pain free (even for those of us with fear of needles). Anyone can benefit from these services; however, it is ideal for fitness enthusiasts, addicts looking to recover, and all the party people out there.

The company is still new, but it is growing quickly as more people are realizing the benefits offered by IV infusions provided by qualified and experienced medical professionals.

Additional information about the services offered by IV Oasis can be found by visiting the company’s website or calling 833-486-2747.

About IV Oasis: The founder of IV Oasis, Eric Tate, M.D., founded the company with the goal of offering natural IV therapies to help patients realize their maximum potential, regardless of whether it’s enhanced energy, fitness, beauty, pain relief, addiction recovery, or just to get rid of that horrible hangover.

Company: IV Oasis
Address: Los Angeles, CA
Telephone No : 833-486-2747
Email ID: contact@ivoasis.com