The Automation Testing On Cloud Allows To Check The Reliability Of Applications Before Being Launched into The Market

Venhance is one company that offers solutions, services and support for your website design and development, online marketing and mobile application development.They come up with the best creative applications that helps to drive your business successfully and enhance your brand image in the public. They offer comprehensive software solutions to different sectors in vertical business areas. They offer services to companies in the industrial sector, real estate, manufacturing, logistics, transportation etc offering a variety of software solutions, testing, ERP support and artwork and also implementation of ERP solutions for small and medium sized companies. Venhance has strategic resources spread in different places across the world and highly qualified team of technical experts who can offer excellent solutions to meet the clients’ requirements. The company clearly understands the clients’ needs during consultation and accordingly offer flexible and customised services to the clients.

The company offers comprehensive solutions from a single platform like web designing, ERP solutions, mobile applications and also testing services to ensure that their software applications and solutions are sustainable to take the stress and maintain stability in providing results. In this scenario, the company offers a range of testing services like the automation testing on cloud where the applications and solutions are tested online on the cloud platform as it is cost effective as well as offers benefits of virtualization. The cloud based testing is ideal for performance and load testing that can be done in a much quicker way creating the environment to test stress, performance, load, compatibility, stability etc before being used in the real time scenario. The company is also expert in offering Taas application security testing that can test the software applications with respect to the business activities of an organisation. Venhance also offer many more testing solutions like Alpa and Beta testing, safety tests, function tests, load and stress tests, tests for multi-platform features etc to ensure the stability and effectiveness of the applications before being launched by the company into the market.

The company offers affordable packages for their services like a fixed price model or the services being availed by the companies and their size. The company assigns developers and testers for each project who shall work out on the client needs using their latest technology and tools. The company also offer best after support services so that any technical glitches shall be addressed by them ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

Venhance is a leading software development company in Sweden, offering cloud based software testing services for various industry sectors such as Health, Financial Services, Communications, Government, Oil and Gas, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Retail Industry etc. We provide all our cloud automation testing services at cost-effective prices. For more info please do visit us online at

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