Concentrated Photovoltaic Market Size, Share, Trends, Outlook, Growth Factors, Global Key Players, Key Opportunities and Forecast 2023

Market Overview:-

A concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) is a technology that transforms the sunlight into electrical energy in the same way the conventional photovoltaic technology does. The optical concentrators, are used to harvest the sunlight from a widespread area and focus it directly onto a small area covered by PV cells. This helps increase the intensity of the light reaching the PV cells, and hence increases the amount of power the cells can produce. Growing investment in renewable energy, across the globe is the major factor driving the growth of the market. Increasing population, flourishing industries in emerging economies, and a rise in infrastructure development activities are all leading to an enormous rise in demand for electricity. This factor, along with the rise in stringent environment protection regulations across the globe, forces the power generation industry to shift to cleaner and environment-friendly energy resources.


Competitive Landscape:-

The major players adopted several strategies to retain or expand their market share. The key strategy followed by most companies within the global concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) market was that of mergers & acquisitions, followed by partnership & collaboration.


Industry Major Key Players:-

The key players of global concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) market are Radical Sun Systems, Inc. (U.S.), SolAero Technologies Corp. (U.S.), Arzon Solar LLC. (U.S.), Cool Earth Solar (U.S.), Morgan Solar Inc. (Canada), ARIMA Group (Taiwan), Suncore Photovoltaic Technology Company Limited (China), and Guangdong Redsolar Photovoltaic Technology Co. Ltd (China). Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. (Japan), Saint-Augustin Canada Electric Inc. (STACE) (Canada), Sanan Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd (China), Suntrix Company Ltd (China), and Macsun Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (China), are among others.


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For study, global concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) market is segmented by type and application. On the basis of type, the market is divided into high concentrated photovoltaic (HCPV) and low concentrated photovoltaic (LCPV). HCPV accounted for the largest market share of 93.14% in 2016, with a market value of USD 950.3 million and is anticipated to grow at the highest CAGR of 11.63% during the forecast period. This technology uses low cost, concentrating optics in place of large areas of silicon to capture and transform the sun’s radiant power into electricity. HCPV technology performance advantages are maximized in geographical locations, which are warm and have high levels of sunshine, measured by Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI). Currently, more than 90% of the capacity installed, is in the form of HCPV with two-axis tracking.  


Industry News:-

In December 2017 Silfab Solar Inc., has formed a joint venture with Morgan Solar Inc., to develop and produce a disruptive low-cost PV module, designed specifically for large commercial and utility-scale projects. This JV brings two of the most innovative and technologically innovative companies in the solar industry, to share their knowledge and experience to produce great quantities of high quality photovoltaic modules at internationally competitive costs.

Saint-Augustin Canada Electric Inc. (STACE), a major supplier of large electrical equipment in the power generation industry announced the acquisition of Soitec’s Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) System technology. This acquisition helped the company increase their presence in the renewable industry and complete their offering in the solar energy market.

EnerTech signed a strategic investment and partnership agreement with Morgan Solar Inc. Under the agreement, EnerTech has planned to invest in MSI, and transferring solar concentrated photovoltaic technology to Kuwait and the Middle East region.


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Market  Analysis:-

Middle East & Africa is another major market for the concentrated photovoltaic (CPV). CPV systems work well in high heat regions. Dropping costs for Concentrated Photovoltaic coupled with plenty of sunlight and huge need for electricity in the region, create an opportunity for the CPV market in the region. Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Lebanon, and Morocco are the major markets in the region.

Americas was the second largest market & valued at USD 215.1 million in 2016. The U.S. is the major market in the region. It is the second largest market in terms of total installed capacity after China. According to the NERL, in 2016, the total installed CPV capacity was 67.27 MW. U.S. is one of the fastest growing market, mainly due to the strict government regulations pertaining to the use of limited natural resources. This increases the growth of renewable energy resources over the forecast period. Mexico is the second largest market in the region and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.41%.