MoArmouz to launch multiport hub capable of dual display

The MoArmouz USB-C 9 in 1 Multiport Dual Display Hub is a technology aficionados dream. It’s a must have full productivity unitfor professionals who work with video, photos, graphics, audio, data, or applications. It has HDMI and VGA ports that allow laptop, Smartphone, and iPad screens to be mirrored or viewed in extended mode simultaneously on two additional screens. The display resolution transmitted to a screen can be as high as 4K.
A dual display multiplies productivity and allows users to run multiple programs at once. This means owners of MoArmouz Dual Display Hub can have their Twitter feed, email or any other application they like displayed permanently. It also means that they can easily share data between applications. The MoArmouz hub allows users to have a videoconference on one screen while simultaneously looking at the information displayed on another screen. The MoArmouz Dual Display Hub is well suited to the requirements photographers because 2 of its 9 ports are meant for SD cards and Micro SD’s used to store images captured with digital cameras. It allows games to be displayed on larger and/or multiple screens enhancing the gaming experience and facilitates brilliant video streaming and is ideal for creating a multiple monitor configuration.
All ports on the MoArmouz Hub can be used at the same time, so users can transfer data to a deviceas they mirror their laptop display on two screens while chargingother devices, and more. The hub has USB 3.0 ports to which hard drives and pen drives may be connected. It can be used with compatible laptops, phones, and the newest iPads. It has an Ethernet port for use wherever WiFi is absent, is self-powered, plug and play enabled, portable, and has a sleek aluminium finish similar to that ofMacBook’s.Serious professionals, who want to get more done usingiPads, Smartphones, andlaptops, can do so best using the MoArmouz Hub.
Among the salient features of the MoArmouz Dual Display Hub are that it expands the USB-C Hub found in laptop senabling it to connect with 9 devices including screens, storage mediums, Ethernet, and more. It has 2 USB 3.0 ports that can connect to a printer, mouse, flash drive and other USB enabled devices. The Ethernet port on the hub provides fast and stable 10/100/1000 Mbps wired internet or local network connection. Its HDMI port can be used to mirror or extend content from a screen to a second screen in high definition 4K resolution. Its VGA port and AUX port can be used to mirror or extend high-quality video and audio. The hub’s USB-C power delivery supports charging up to 60W and its SD card slots and Micro SD slots support SD/SDHC and Micro SD/MicroSDHC respectively and allow fast transfer speedsup to 5Gbps. This versatile product comes with a 12-month product replacement warranty backed up by friendly customer service.
Speaking about the launch of the new product, Gaurav Shdev Founder- MoArmouz said “At MoArmouz we aspire to supply customers with the most advanced technology products. By incorporating the MoArmouz Multiport Dual Display Hub, this aspiration has been met once again. Our loyal customers are accustomed to owning the finest technical equipment, we’re certain they’ll be pleased with the newest addition to the MoArmouz stable. We want to simplify people’s lives so they can spend more time enjoying themselves; the MoArmouz Dual Display Hub does this wonderfully”.