Delve into your soul through Notion Press’ new release, ‘A Season of Shooting Stars’

A Season of Shooting Stars, a book of poems by Dhaval Rathod, is
the latest addition to the tale of Notion Press, the growing force in India’s self-publishing scene.

A Season of Shooting Stars is an anthology of poems addressing four different themes – Heart, Universe, God and Life. There is a fifth that enriches the poems, which is your Soul.

The poems are a constellation of verses put together to adorn the night sky of our lives and affect our souls in a positive and empathetic manner. The section ‘Heart’ explores an array of deeply felt emotions like love and its light, heartbreak, dealing with it, and healing, while the section ‘Universe’ speaks of the unmistakable methods of the universe and how we can relate
to them. The third section includes conversational verses with the Almighty, as well as those addressing the issues of faith. The section ‘Life’ encompasses motivational poems; besides, it touches upon the concept of our relationship with our own life. The book also contains as many as forty illustrations to go with the poems and their themes.

Dhaval Rathod believes that writing is a divine endeavor that blesses writers to discover the depths of their own souls. He regularly posts his micro-poems on his Instagram handle. His articles have appeared in the Rajkot Plus supplement of The Times of India. In addition to this book, he has published an anthology of romantic short stories Unleash That River. He
has also scripted short films for Fikar Not Films, and a Gujarati feature film Baap Re Baap with Patang Films.

The book is available on all e-commerce platforms.