Curae Health offers flat 10% discounts on every product

Release: March 15, 2019,/ Curae Health is a pioneer in the wellness and nutrition field that offers essential vegetarian supplements that are essential to the body. Currently, the company has come up with exciting offers on the website – , in which the customers can avail a flat 10% discount on every product. The sole purpose of their operations is to enable people to have a balanced diet for healthy living in the fast-paced world with the medium of a unique range of well-researched and developed supplements.
Details of the offer:
1. A flat 10% discount.
2. The offer is valid on every product listed on Curae Health website.
3. Consumers can avail this order for a limited time period only.
4. All the products are suitable for vegetarians.
With the changes in lifestyle, people are suffering from various deficiencies these days. Curae Health, thus, supplements for the fulfillment of essential nutrients in the body like Choline Vitamin, which can be provided with BENTAC – Vitamin B Complex with Choline & Inositol supplement. Apart from this, Curae Health also provides Vegetarian Omega 3, EPA and DHA, Multi-Vitamin & Mineral with CoQ10 and Milk Thistle, Calcium and Vitamin D3.
The USP of these products is that they have no artificial flavor, preservatives, yeast or gluten. All the products have been formulated after a lot of research and development.

About Curae Health
Curae Health is a pioneer in the wellness and nutrition field. We believe that it is important to have a balanced diet for healthy living. With years of research and development, our team constantly comes up with new ingredients and only after trials and complete accreditations they are put into formulations. With the change in time, increasing stress level and more chemicals being used in food items, it becomes essential to provide nutrients through food supplements.

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