Ammonium Smelling Salt a Boon for Athletes

There is tremendous competition in every field especially in sports, and people want to win in every situation at any cost due to which they take a number of supplements which are banned by the authority like steroids. We at ammoniasport provide an ammonium compound know as Smelling salt for athlete which boost the performance of the player for few hours. The chemical compound is clinically tested and has been found safe to intake. All you have to do is purchase the capsule from our retail shop or through our website and break it before using. Take the crushed capsule near the nose and inhale it, after inhaling you will see the difference.

The capsules contain ammonium carbonate; when it comes in contact with air, it releases carbon dioxide and ammonium gas which is inhaled by the player. The gas, when inhaled, irritates the lungs and causes a spike in energy. The brain starts to work very fast, and the body muscles get stimulated which in turn enhances the focus and alertness. In many sports games like hockey and football players are often seen taking it. Our product is completely safe, and we provide money back guarantee if the results are not seen. Our user experience is 90% as the maximum of the users have found it extremely useful in every condition whether it is sports or weight lifting. Smelling salts for athletes were historically made by Romans to cure the fainted person; in sports, field boxing was the first one to use it especially on the knocked out and tired opponents.

Before it, players used to take energy drinks during a break to maintain their stamina, although it worked, but it required time before taking effect. However, ammonia inhalant starts working as soon as it is inhaled. Not only physical strength, but mental strength also increases as a person feels more confident and focused than before. In every capsule, the fragrance is added so that when the tablet is inhaled, it emits a pleasant smell. This is because the ammonium carbonate is odorless and thick and adding scent liquefies it, which makes it easier to inhale.

Quality and safety is the primary aspect of the Ammonia Sport brand. Every day a team of quality assurance performs the quality test and make sure that every item is top notch or not. If they find any of this, then they throw them away. Before packing the compounds in the bag, a safety sheet is signed by our officials who mean if anything wrong happens then we are responsible for that unless the problem is with the person himself.