Pump Tracks: The New Way to Develop Communities

Is it really true that anyone and everyone can use a pumptrack? The right answer is yes. These are one of the most inclusive arenas from where anyone can have fun. If you are looking at a place where you can go and turn that spark of enthusiasm into a lifelong cycling passion, then a pump track is what you need. That aside, the main advantage about a well-built pumptrack is that it will continue to engaging people even as they hone their skills.

If you watched the 2012 London Olympics, you must have noticed that BMX racing was very popular. You can also get part of the excitement and fun by choosing one of Velosolutions Urban Surf Wave designs for your community pump track design. Pumptracks must have started like small-scale racetracks for BMX bikes. Over the years, however, they have evolved so much to include nearly all the wheeled sports.

Enhance Creativity

You can buy your teenager a pump track racing bike and they’ll be good to go. You do not have to keep fighting them over the time they spend on the screen. This is one of the best ways to focus your teenager. To begin with, pump tracks are very easy to ride. On the other hand, they are not so easy to ride fast. Once the teenager has mastered the pumping action, they won’t stop doing it until they get to limits of their physical ability.

This is one of the best ways to ensure that your teens are positively engaged. With each lap, the flow and speed continues to increase. And after sometime, you will reach your limits. In order to get beyond that point, you are required to learn another feature. For instance, you may want to wheelie on the rear wheel, while others prefer jumping from one roller to the next. It is out of this continuous challenge and development that people really get engaged and focused. It goes a long way to enhance creativity in all those who take part in the sport.

Minimize Anti-social Behavior

This is one of the biggest claims about pump tracks. But when there is Velosolutions pump bowl in the community for instance, chances are most of the teens who engage in otherwise anti-social behavior will be attracted to either take part in the games or simply cheer up their friends. In essence, it helps by giving the local teens and youths the best combination of exercise, a community to belong to, and somewhere to focus and grow their skills.

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