Rejuvenate Force Energy by Executing Dragon QI GONG Assassin Techniques

Looking for more energy, less stress, and anxiety? Professor Joseph Dodaro’s Dragon QI GONG assassin techniques provide self-care for body, mind, & spirit. Also, practicing QI GONG will improve your balance and energy level.

Professor Joseph Dodaro believe that it’s important to practice of QI GONG in order to receive the rewards of better physical, mental and spiritual health. Professor Joseph Dodaro trains highest level of energy, health and combat technique during the training. At Dragon22nd Assassin, individuals can benefit from learning different combating skills at any age and fitness level.

The focus of the Dragon QI GONG assassin training is to develop powerful explosive force, self-defense, competitive stunts, and personal fitness or develop self-confidence. Professor Joseph Dodaro training helps in raising the energy level of the body and boosts your natural healing capacities.

Dragon22nd Assassin offers high quality dragon assassin and QI GONG training to fit each and everyone’s individual or group needs. Professor Joseph Dodaro helps you reach your full potential and achieve your personal and fitness goals.

For over 45 years of professional training, Professor Joseph Dodaro helps in developing internal force, thus promoting health and vitality.

Super charge your life by training under a global Dragon22nd Assassin legend. Visit our website or contact us on (310) 699-8437.