Celebrity Astrologer Dr Sundeep Kochar – predicting the future of the stars

It only takes a second to realize that there are numerous success stories happening around us. What matters is paying attention to the story running behind all that success. Dr Sundeep Kochar, a renowned celebrity astrologer in India who is counted among the top 10 astrologers in India, has been an active participant in some of the biggest triumph narratives, especially in Bollywood.
The first astrologer to have made it to TED Talks, Dr Kochar started his journey nearly 19 years ago, and since then, has taken Vedic astrology from India to the world. Predicting the future of multiple stars, Dr Kochar has been a close friend to many, and has helped them take better decision for tomorrow.
In an interview with News18 Lokmat, talking about Bollywood’s favorite diva, Deepika Padukone, about the time when she had just begun her acting journey, Dr Sundeep Kochar, world famous astrologer in india said, “I had predicted that she’ll achieve greater heights than Aishwarya Rai. At that time, Aishwarya was at the zenith of her career while Deepika had just begun her journey in the glamour world.”
Interestingly, the celebrity astrologer also remarked that post her marriage with the energetic Ranveer Singh, “She might venture into a different tangent, like starting a production house, but she is surely to achieve more success in the years to come.” He further said, “As for Ranveer, I haven’t analyzed his horoscope, but from whatever data I have with me, I can say that his future is also quite bright. He is a strong and ambitious person. Since I believe in ‘Lady Luck’, I am sure Ranveer is also going to achieve great success post his wedding to Deepika.”
Another name that he has been closely associated with is Sunil Grover. The comedian who catapulted to fame with the portrayal of the character ‘Gutthi’, on the show Comedy Nights with Kapil, went live with Dr Sundeep Kochar on his Facebook profile a while back. The session was a witness to the strong bond of friendship they share. Wishing all the luck to Grover, Dr Sundeep Kochar said, “He is meant for some bigger league. I am sure he will do amazing work in future like the way he has done in the past.”
Kapil Sharma is also amongst the people very closely related to the astrologer. Talking about the fall that Sharma faced and his grand comeback, Dr Kochar said in his recent Facebook post, “Kapil Sharma is a man of immense talent. Time and fate don’t always support everyone. There is an old saying: ‘Success attracts more enemies than friends.’ I personally believe that same has happened with Kapil Sharma and no one has to be blamed for this situation. I would advise him to meditate for more peace and happiness within. However, once he has gone through his share of hardships, it will be his time to shine yet again, as Geeta says: ‘Nothing is Permanent in Life’. I am sure his best is yet to come.”
Amongst other predictions, achievements and work, Dr Kochar is also the name behind the immense success of two of the best hotels in Asia. Gaggan Anand’s Bangkok-based restaurant ‘Gaggan’, was named the Best Restaurant in Asia 2018 at a grand ceremony organized at the Wynn Palace, Macao, after its Vaastu was done by Dr Kochar. ‘Sühring’, a restaurant in Bangkok which ranks at number 4 in Asia’s Top 50 restaurants, was also made Vaastu friendly.
Speaking about the success of Gaggan and Sühring, he subtly denied taking any credit and said, “It gives me immense pleasure to have been a part of their (Gaggan’s and Sühring’s) journey. Yes, I did provide some insights on how to make the structure Vaastu compliant, but I believe the true credit for their success goes to the amazing food they serve.”
Discussing the influence of Vedic astrology and Vaastu across the globe, Dr Kochar was awarded with the ‘Brand Impact Award’ at the 12th International Achievers Summit on Global Business Opportunities at Hotel Crowne Plaza, Dubai. His association with who’s who of multiple industries speaks volumes about the scope of his work, along with his regard, and love for Vedic astrology.