Premier Bet brings new angle to Kenyan Sports betting with over 1000 games to bet on

Sports betting is Kenya’s number one gambling activity, and Premier Bet Kenya has joined the fray to give it yet another boost. The company that is purely built for betting stakes is offering a catalogue that cannot be matched by most other betting sites in Kenya.
Premier bet has shaken the market with close to 1700 different games each that punters can place stakes on across different sports. These include football, volleyball, ice hockey, badminton, American football, golf, baseball, Motorsport, darts, handball, cycling, Australian rules Football, snooker, boing, basketball, cricket and tennis.
As would be expected, football takes the lion’s share of the pie of betting games. At any one time, Kenya’s most loved sport has around 1100 games available to bet on Premier Bet. These are drawn from all across the world, from the most elite leagues that fans watch every game week to remote leagues that you will hear of on the site for the very first time. This is a variety of games that even the premier Kenyan football betting sites will find hard to match.
There are variety of ways to bet on each game, with close to eighty ways in which punters can make predictions. These vary from the simple winner/loser/draw and number of goals predictions to the more complex bets like correct scores and occurrences within the match.
To get the in-game bets rolling, players will be required to activate the live in-play betting option that is present on the site. Live gaming requires a good internet connection and a highly responsive site. However, Premier Bet Kenya understands that such connections may not be very strong in all parts of the country.
To solve any problems beforehand, the Premier Bet site is built to be light so that it loads fast across all browsers and even in places where the network signal may not be so strong. The site is not cluttered with decorative graphics, but rather focuses on functional buttons that respond to just a single click when betting. This makes it easy to, for instance, place bets when players make Kenya football predictions as a game progresses.
Basketball has proven to be a pretty popular game with bettors too, although it comes a distant second to football. There are over 200 basketball games that people can bet on within the site. Although the game is not very widely played in the country, those who play it love it with passion. They are also the main bettors on the sport.
Surprisingly, Ice hockey has a significant popularity among games that players seek to bet on. That the game is not even played in the country is an indicator that punters are willing to bet on games they know little about.
Premier Bet has committed to making available betting opportunities that gamblers are unlikely to find elsewhere.