SMS API PHP Integration for sending bulk SMS via the existing system

The best strategy to increase the brand image of the business in the market is to connect with the existing customers and also to attract more customers. One way of doing this is by using Bulk SMS services. Bulk SMS is a service which lets a person send a short or long SMS message to a large number of mobile phone users using a computer network and this is done in a single click of the mouse. This takes a small fraction of minute to reach the message to all the telecommunication users. There are many gateway providers in the market providing the API integration service to the businesses and marketers to let them send bulk SMS. An API integration is a system that connects the software of Bulk SMS with the existing software of the company which is directly connected to the database. This creates ease for the marketers to send a message to the customers without making any changes or applying new software to the system.

Companies using PHP software are in a need of an API Integration based on PHP Programming language which needs no changes in the prevailing software. An SMS API PHP is such integration system that integrates the bulk SMS service directly to the PHP software of the company regardless of the industry it belongs to. In contrast to the Customer Relationship Management, the companies have a lot of information that needs to be shared with the customers on regular basis. Businesses based on E-commerce, banking, polling, Online reviews, etc. need this service at a high level. This integration also allows the marketers to get a response from the customers easily.

The software also offers a scheduling concept which is used when the marketer wants to send the message on a particular time or date. This system lets the person to write a message once and then schedule as wanted. This will let the message sent on the scheduled time without any involvement of manpower or manual support. The computer program is designed in such a way that it is not tough to understand or handle. And the amount of the messages that can be sent is also high I.e. Approximately 1000 to 1500 in a second.

The popularity of PHP for bulk SMS

The popularity of PHP is because of its “Go to web” statement. It is a web programming language for sending bulk SMS messages. The most important feature of this language is it is robust, easy to implement and understand, and infamously exculpatory. The popularity of PHP is enduring despite so many programming languages providing SMS application. The web search related to PHP gives a sense of frustration among the developers but when coming to bulk SMS, there are many promoters searching the web for PHP SMS API, gateways and SMS solutions. Some of the reasons for the popularity of PHP SMS API is that it is an easy language and easy to learn. Developers aware of HTML find PHP easy to understand and quick to use. The most important and attractive feature of this language is that it is a forgiving language which creates minor possible mistakes. It is very helpful in case of the need for the demo ready content of the prototyping proof. The documents and libraries of PHP language are one of the best and Google is filled with many ready to use code and PHP libraries. The most interesting feature of PHP is that most of the web hosting servers have PHP installations. The most attractive thing of PHP is that it is free of cost. All the versions of PHP designed after the year 1995 are available on Google for free of cost with the installation descriptions and details.