​Notion Press Publishes Vatican on a Roman Holiday by Christopher Fernandes

​ Notion Press, India’s fastest growing self-publishing company, is proud to have partnered with Christopher Fernandes to publish his book Vatican on a Roman Holiday.

Christopher Fernandes’ Vatican on a Roman Holiday is about the Christian view of spirituality, theological philosophy and the purpose and meaning of life. It is a layman’s guide to the core of Christ’s teachings. It challenges the Vatican on key issues and church practices that have rendered the vast multitude of Catholics across geographies in bondage to the sin-punishment model preached by almost all known religions.

The book exposes the desertion by the Vatican when it comes to the healing ministry. There is no evidence of it on the ground and so the Vatican surreptitiously denies the poor, the needy and the homebound a vital and free spiritual resource, namely the Holy Spirit.

The concept of confession of sins to a priest is nowhere taught in the scriptures. The New Testament does not teach that there should be priests in the New Covenant. Instead, the New Testament teaches that all believers are priests. The book blasts the sacrament of confession as a cruel joke played on Catholics for centuries, hoodwinking them into believing that their fate does not look great without confessing to a priest. The book also decodes the last book of the Bible, Revelation, which is one of the most complex books in the scriptures. But, many write it off as a flight of fancy. The Vatican has done very little to explain its compelling message.

Fernandes is a Chartered Accountant and CPA (USA) who holds a Master’s degree from the Sydenham College, Mumbai. He has been writing from a young age, mostly as a hobby, and has been published by various house magazines. He is a born-again Roman Catholic who found Christ in spite of the Roman Catholic Church. He has had his personal experiences of the Holy Spirit in action and was driven to research and write this book, post-retirement, because of the hypocrisy that is widely prevalent in the Roman Catholic Church, coupled with the absence of proper interaction with the laity to freely answer their questions on the Bible and Christ’s teachings.

Instead of the laity (99%) holding the clergy (1%) accountable, the Vatican has ensured the opposite and the author seeks to encourage the laity to take back their church, like in the early days. The author had published a non-fiction book in his younger days. But this book is purely inspirational and the author hopes will be beneficial for the readers who have had nagging questions that the Vatican has never answered.

While the scriptural content is authentic, the book weaves a simple but striking fictional backstory to unravel the ultimate ascension of the laity as the ones who will hold the clergy accountable and not vice versa. The book clearly spells out how the world we now see will end and what comes after that. It is a book that explains and enlightens in an easy-to-read conversational style.

The book is available now on e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc.