Herb Infused Water Market: Recent Industry Trends and Projected Industry Growth,2018 – 2028

Herb Infused Water Market Outlook:

Herb infused water is basically a functional beverage containing pure water immersed with herbs in it. Herbal infusions have been a popular practice among naturopaths, herbalists and health practitioners for years now to extract the healing and medicinal properties of the herbs. These herbs can be added fresh or dried. Herb infused water has emerged as a tasty and healthy way of keeping the body hydrated. This herb infused water possessing zero calories not only offers nutritional benefits but also adds extra flavors to it. As these herb infused water adds rich flavors and aroma to the water, it enhances the taste as well as gives a refreshing and gentle feel. These lesser known herb infused water has become popular in the recent years owing to its widespread applications such as a health drink, energy drink, in weight loss and as a refreshment drink. Further, Herbs has been known for years for its medicinal, nutritional and weight loss properties and is generally been added in foods, salads, juices, and medicines to enhance its flavours, give them a minty and refreshing touch and to supplement extra nutritional values in it. Thus, these herb infused water possess diverse properties which provide health benefits such as anti-oxidant, weight loss, improved digestion, detox agent and for boosting the immune system. In addition, these are available in various flavors according to the type of herb added to it. Some of the popular herbs added to herb infused water include Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Mint and several others.

Growing dependency on food & beverages infused with natural ingredients and health awareness paving way for Herb Infused Water demand

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The rising awareness among consumers for health and fitness has grown the demand for products infused with natural and organic ingredients such as herb infused water. The health beneficial qualities of herb infused water such as quickly healing wounds, minimizing blood sugar, implementing weight loss, and more is driving its market globally. Further, another major factor driving the market for herb infused water is its function as a detox water. These detox water is popularly used these days for removing toxins from the body, improving the skin complexion,  implementing better digestive health and majorly for promoting weight loss. Thus, the demand for herb infused water as a detoxing agent is widely growing worldwide owing to the rising consciousness among consumers to look good and reduce weight primarily due to the increasing impact of social media and internet. In addition, the development of product packaging’s that are travel-friendly is also propelling the growth of herbs infused water owing to the ease in carrying them, thus broadening its applications such as a refreshing drink in summers for long trips. Hence, the shift of consumer preferences towards much healthy beverages and growing demand among consumers to stay hydrated and feel refreshed is rambling the market growth of herb infused water.

However, the ready to go use and lower shelf life of the product might act as a restraining factor in the growth of herb infused water.

Global Herb Infused Water Market: Market Segmentation:

On the basis of nature, the global herb Infused water market has been segmented as:

Organic Herb Infused Water
Conventional Herb Infused Water
On the basis of herb type, the global herb infused water market has been segmented as:

On the basis of packaging, the global herb infused water market has been segmented as:

Glass bottles
PET bottles
Global Herb Infused Water Market: Key Participants:

Some of the market participants in the global Herb Infused Water market identified across the value chain include Hint Inc., Treo Brands LLC, Uncle Matt’s Organic, Detox Water, Disruptive Beverages Inc., HERB + ORCHARD, and Infused waters among others.

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Opportunities for Participants in the Herb Infused Water Market:

There are widespread opportunities for players to grow in the herb infused water market owing to no significant market participant and growing demand and popularity among consumers for products supplementing health and nutrition. Currently, homemade fruit and herbs infused water is trending in several developed nations signifying the imminent potential for herbs infused water market. Further, the easy availability of these herbs in almost every nation and very low production and manufacturing cost gives opportunities to many global market leader in healthcare, dietary and food & beverages industry to invest and grow their revenues in herb infused water. In addition to this, the rapid growth of herb infused water is further elevated by several macroeconomic factors that include GDP, population growth, changing lifestyle and increasing disposable income of the consumers, especially in developing nations.