Nextt: Offering Comfortable Disability housing in Australia

Nextt, a leading provider of Disability housing in Australia for individuals who have autism, a disability or face mental health challenges where they can be enabled to develop independence while living a meaningful life. We comprehend our obligations to our clients and always meet them with professionalism and consistency.

Our dedicated team help you to provide a home where you or your loved one can live peacefully and comfortably. We have delivered community care, support and services since 2003, initially delivered through a wide range of government-funded programs, and now including a wide range of privately-funded choices. Nextt listen to and recognize clients, enabling us to anticipate and respond to their changing care needs promptly.

Nextt can tailor Disability housing in Australia to your individual needs. There are numerous options to consider including: shared living, bequest home management,in home respite, independent living. Our specialist properties cater to all care needs, across transition, cluster homes or supported housing. They have been expertly intended to give a safe and welcoming atmosphere in vibrant communities where family and friends are always welcome. We act with integrity and empathy, encouraging trust, respect and a sense of community.

Our shared living is where you choose to move into a home and have the opportunity to live with other individuals while receiving the tailored support you need to develop independent living skills. Our experts support you amid all areas of life, including: daily living skills, self care, home and financial management, education support, employment support, social and spiritual events, activities and groups.

Additionally, to give extra care our friendly staff can live with you for short periods of time. Amid this time, our friendly staff can assist you to: build your independence within your home, participate and connect with others within your community, explore opportunities for learning and development, including employment support, creating goals, develop independent living skills that can be connected to living environments and in difficult situations, actively participate in the development of your individual plan to build skills and manage your own needs.

The choices, preferences, aspirations, life goals and overall quality of life of the individual are central to the support and services we give, across all our areas of expertise. Our front-line client-facing staff are amongst a superb and supportive team who provide the best service possible for our clients.

About the Company:
Nextt tailors all of the disability services to help clients reach their goals with the support they need. We support you to maintain your independent living skills with comfortable disability housing. Nextt understands commitments to the customers and meet them with dedication.

Contact details:
Address: Nextt
4 Darley Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Phone Number: 1300 859 199
(02) 8736 7200