Excellent home service record of Dr. Yaseen AlKamas to be penned down

(November 22, 2018) – No wonders, whenever the name of Al Badie Group of Companies’ name comes ahead, Dr. Yaseen AlKamas is the most prominent contributor towards its successful business strategies. Al Badie Group of Companies is an investment conglomerate based in Abu Dhabi. The Investment giant of Abu Dhabi holds ventures in oil and gas, water and electricity, real estate and other respective domains.

No sooner he acquired expertise with his Bachelor’s degree, Dr. Yaseen AlKamas, was quickly integrated into the technical industrial sector of Iraq. Before his professional initiation, Dr. Yaseen AlKamas was a recipient of a graduate degree from the University of Manchester in the domains of Aeronautical Engineering. The Iraqi technical industrial sector was budding towards excellence in those days.

Starting his career as a Junior Assistant Engineer, Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas, quickly made his way to step up as the Senior Assistant Engineer. With this, he clinched in the title of Head of Aeronautical Research Department. His excellence in budget management, planning and programming were all laid down during these days.

His contributions towards Al-Meelad Company focused on delivering sophisticated outputs of scientific research contributions and its final applications towards various industrial projects. His entry into business domains highlighted his intense passion for the market. Structural design, propulsion, and relevant guidance are the highlighting features of Dr. Yaseen AlKamas’ contributions to the generations to follow.

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