What is claw machine?

Claw machine is a game device for testing patience and observation. It is also one kinds of arcade game.
People only need to put in a few coins to enjoy claw machine. Of course, if lucky enough, people get the prize from claw machine.

Introduce the parts of claw machine briefly

a. There is a 2m*1m cabinet for claw machine. The cabinet is divided into two parts. One part is a cabinet made of glass windows. Players can see the prize in the claw machine through the glass cabinet. The other part is the chassis under the cabinet, which is the background control area of the claw machine, controlled by specialized technicians.

b. There is a mechanical claw arm for grabbing the prize from the cabinet at the top of glass cabinet. It’s like the arm of Edward, the movie scissors.

c. Various prize are right under the mechanical claw arm. There are usually some lovely plush toys.

d. There is a player-controlled panel outside the glass cabinet, which consists of a joystick, a button and a timer, beside which there is a coin acceptor. The joystick is used to control the direction of the drop of the mechanical arm. The button is used to send the instructions for grabbing to the mechanical claw arm. The timer is used to prompt the players to complete the grabbing instructions within the specified time. Usually it is about 1 to 3 minutes. If the players cannot grab the prize out within the specified time, it is considered as a waiver. The coin acceptor is used for putting coins or game coins. When putting coins successfully, the players can start the claw machine.

e. Finally, the glass cabinet is connected with a big door outside. When successfully grabbing the prize, the prize will be spit out through the door.

The above is just a brief overview of the claw machine. I believe that most people are familiar with the claw machine. But if want to purchase the claw machine, it’s not enough to know so much. Let’s know about and explore the claw machine deeply.

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