Emergency calls attended and tasks finished by Find Well Water.

This doesn’t happen quite often but this time it did, we were called in for an out of water emergency in Alberta which happen to be our service area as a water well finder. The well had not been serviced in some time and the previous water well drilling company didn’t provide them with any helpful tips. Our professionals preformed a 10 point inspection and diagnosis and discovered that the pressure tank was bad, the control box needed replacing, the metal fittings were all galvanized and needed to be replaced and that they needed some water filtration to control sediment.

The renovations and replacements took about 4.5 hours and at the end of the day they were back in water with a better set up. We also asked them hire a water well drilling company next time that has established reputation as a water well finder.

Another day the neighbourhood called in out of water over the weekend, there are a lot of companies posing as the best water well finder in the region but we were approached because we provide highly professional and cost effective water well drilling services.

After few hour of hard work, we were able to give them a temporary fix and then went back out the next week to repair their pressure tanks and re-wire and clean up the well house. The original installation of the pressure tanks was in mud and the pressure tanks were deteriorating due to corrosion. Our pressure tanks are rated for up to 150PSI and have a 7 year warranty.

We understand the importance of serving our clients and believe it is our prime responsibility as the top water well finder. If you are having any issues with your well, feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation.


Business Name: WATERFIND INC.
Country/Region: Canada
Client Name: Gary Kahler
Street Address: 128001 HWY 540W, T0L1H0 Longview
Province/State- Alberta
Phone no – 403-615-4687
Email id – findwellwater@me.com
Website – http://www.findwellwater.ca/