Alcohol Concentrates Market- Opportunity Assessment Research Study

Alcohol concentrates are flavoring ingredients consisting of alcohol which has similar profiles like that of original spirit or liqueur which enhance the flavors of food and beverage products when added. Alcohol is known to be an excellent carrier of aromas and flavors. Hence, alcohol is used mainly as raw material with unique aroma and flavor profiles which enhances the food and beverage taste when explicitly added in confectionery. The other benefits of alcohol are that it prolongs the shelf life of the food and beverages. The production process of the alcohol concentrates is similar to that of the original alcohols. Alcohol concentrates mainly used as a flavoring agent as alcohol aids in water solubility of the base ingredients. Liqueur concentrates are known to add taste and aroma comparatively better than original liqueurs. Alcohol concentrates are bakery products idyllic for pastries and premium chocolates and gourmet meat foods.

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Reasons for Covering this Title

Beverage ingredients have witnessed continued innovations from its producer’s side be it regarding the use of various feedstock, processing methods, blending methods and packaging. Among different beverage ingredients, alcohol concentrates is emerging as one of the fast-growing markets. Innovations at production side include, the developments in alcohol focus in such a way which is suitable for a wide range of consumers and can be reconstituted to form a potable beverage by hydration with drinking water. To gain a competitive advantage in the alcohol concentrates market, the producers are differentiating their alcohol concentrates offerings concerning flavor and aroma profile, and percentage of fermentable ingredients.

Alcohol concentrates are mainly used in bakery products and confectionery, beverages, chocolate, ice-cream, meat products, sauces, and desserts. The various factors like feedstock used, alcohol type, flavor, color, and shelf life of the Alcohol concentrates plays a vital role in the determining the selection of the alcohol concentrates. The report also comprises evolving technologies which innovations in alcohol concentrates briefs about the emergent segments or stages driving higher traction in research and development. It also indicates which players are investing in R&D, process or product innovations, and emerging applications of alcohol concentrates globally. Europe is expected to dominate the alcohol concentrates market in the long-term backed by having the most significant market share in global bakery market ~28% followed by North America ~27%. The report encompasses in a detailed study about the segments and sub-segments of alcohol concentrates.

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Opportunities for Market Participants

An upward trend is forecasted in the alcohol concentrates market backed by rising demand for innovative food and beverage ingredients with superior flavor and aroma profiles along with prolonged shelf life. The touch of alcohol in confectionery and bakery products has been strongly recognized as a feature of premium category. Premium category products indicate added value, superior quality and feel of luxury to the customers which also render higher profits to the manufacturers of premium food and beverages. Hence, with above mentioned factors it can be inferred that there lays strong potential for alcohol concentrates market to grow globally.