Preparation for baby swimming lesson

Preparation to baby swimming classes!
We tend to expect a lot of things from our babies or from our children. We buy all the great stuffs and then try to enrol them in the best of all the swim schools in Singapore. And we hope that it is their turn for the child to do his or her part by learning to swim with ease.

This kind of approach might be natural but is totally wrong approach when it comes to teaching babies to swim. The pressure and expectations are not going to speed up the child learning process, instead it is detrimental and might slow down their pace. The net outcome with this kind of approach might be disappointment after few swimming lessons. To prevent such as episode from happening do follow some of these guidelines from swim schools to accelerate and achieve better results.

Learning to appreciate that your child is unique and different
Acknowledge and praise every achievements however big or small
Comfort them first!
Socialise your baby
Involve family members in the swimming lessons
Learning by seeing precede learning by doing
Do not hinder their learning
Teach your child to do one thing at a time
Always be patient and maintain your calmness
Your baby should learn to trust you
Learning to appreciate that your child is unique and different
Everyone is different, just like the child we have. They are all unique beings which operate in their own ways and have their speeds of learning. Your child may be fast at swimming but slow in other things or vice versa. You should learn to appreciate his or her individuality. In case your child have not been progressing after prolonged teaching. Do have a critical look at the teaching style, these kind of teaching methods may not be for him. Help to find the right method for your child instead, some may learn by observing others and some might like to learn by practice.

Acknowledge an achievement however big or small
Every little small steps from getting the first courage to walk into the pool, his or her first stroke perform under water is a big stride in the learning process of the babies. Learn to appreciate this and acknowledge all these milestones without fail. This will only make your child more confident. No big things will achieve this: a big smile and a lovely hug will be the only action that will show to him or her and get the job done. Just remind him or her that they are doing great and they will understand.

Always start with comforting them first
Make sure to make your babies stay comfortable in water first before initiating the first lesson. Initially at the start, the babies will be really uncomfortable in the water. However keep them relaxed. The whole idea is to make them take their mind off from the pool in order to make him stay in the pool longer. Give them some sweets, tell them short stories or sing to them to make them forget that they are actually in the water. Give them assurance that you are holding them, and they are safe. A few of all these small efforts will add up and tell them that they are safe. Tell them about all the other children having fun in the water and ask them to follow them. The earlier he gets comfortable in the water, the faster will be their learning process.

Socialise your baby
Swimming classes are a kind of exercise and social classes. Introduce the babies to other children and parents. In a few days he would have made a few good friends he would like to follow and practice swimming together. If it is possible make them learn together as this will double the fun and speed up the learning process. Babies and children always look for fun, exploit this and impart learning through this. A minor competition might sparked throughout the process which is good for both. However do not let this competition go overboard, keep them in control and keep it healthy.

Involve family members into swimming
As many times as possible always try to include family members in swimming lessons and demonstrations. This will make learning a fun activity and helps to foster strong bonds of all the members in the family with your babies. All of you guys skills in swimming will be honed in the process.