Escape Room Business Owners’ sign of relief with Swiftwaiver Business

“Escape Room Owners now can manage their business with a single tap on their Smartphone or tablet using the new, refreshing, and updated Swiftwaiver Business app. This app is available for all the major mobile platforms and OS.”

Swiftwaiver Business is an exclusive app, which is designed and developed keeping the need of Escape room business owners a priority. It helps owners to grow their business using a user-friendly system which connects owners and players for before and after the game interactions.
Escape room app or Swiftwaiver Business enables users to get signing in in-advance directly from their Smartphone. One of the latest development which makes players skip the login process so frequent occurrence of any player will be recorded to skip the sign in steps every time.

With help of Swiftwaiver Business app owners can create waiver anytime and also create a group for a certain group of people without getting troubled. The newly created group can define their own activities and then they can enjoy their game.

Not only the owners have their own business signature on the accounts and activities but they can also use their own signature watermark on all the future coming posts. Swiftwaiver official confirms that the app is ready to use and available for all owners. The existing owners are advised to update their app as earliest to get the best experience and all features of the app.

Business owners also need to update their app as this latest version has better control over it. They can directly post game-pictures from their account to Facebook page. And, the most vital section to lure business owners is the review and ratings. Swiftwaiver Business is likely to attract more reviews on your account which attracts more business. One shouldn’t miss this opportunity to grab more review, more business, and more satisfied customers.

About Company
SwiftWaiver’s goal is to make registration as smooth as possible and make it easier for your players to share their amazing experience they had in your Escape Room. Reviews are a great way to build word of mouth and customer loyalty and that’s why we built a Digital Waiver platform that streamlines the entire waiver process. Our platform is easy to use for both your business and your customers.

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