APB Mason Sterling PWA Transformation From A Multi-Family Advisory Desk (MFAO) To A Full-Fledged Open Advisory Office

October 22nd, 2018, London – APB Mason Sterling Private Wealth Advisory major development has been voiced by the firm’s Executive Director Mr. Alexander Schneider, on the annual client conference call.

“We have reached a new stage, and we are very proud and happy to announce that APB Mason Sterling will make the transition in 2018 from a multi-family advisory office to a fully integrated fiduciary advisory firm, open to accept new international clients.”

“APB Mason Sterling will be open in 2018 to both institutional and private small and medium clients, seeking advice on market diversification and portfolio management.”

We believe that our firm’s impeccable track-record will be the main pillar in recommending us to new clients.” — Alexander Schneider, APB Mason Sterling Private Wealth Advisory Executive Director.

Mr. Alexander Schneider and the senior manager and co-chairs of APB Sterling Mason have assured that

Although expanding to international level, APB will remain a small private boutique firm, that will accept a limited number of clients and keep the same level of dedicated services.”

APB Mason Sterling currently caters predominantly to mid-size investors, families and trusts, seeking financial and portfolio management fiduciary advice.

APB Mason Sterling offer bespoke-tailored, discretionary wealth fiduciary advisory-only services to a limited clientele.

APB’s client selection process revolves around the firm’s capabilities to maintain the level of personalised approach to each client portfolio – and treat clients as individuals not as account numbers.

Elliot W. Steinbeck

Director of APB Mason Sterling Press-Relations

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