Explore Vital Tips While You Plan To Travel

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You have a plan to travel. But where would you love going to? Would you love to get a quick week-end getaway so that you don’t have to bunk your office? Else do you wish planning a more relaxed and an elaborate holiday? You may Google the internet for interesting travel destinations. But quite a lot of you rarely think about important things you keep in mind while traveling. In this particular travel guide, you are exactly going to discover what these must-haves are:
Carry extra batteries for your Canon or Nixon Camera
You may head to a sunny location like Goa. Beaches are the most fabulous tourist attraction, out there. Especially you don’t want to miss out on the gorgeous evening sun-sets where the sun dips into the sea.
Now what if your batteries go dead? You may be in a fix now. It is therefore highly advisable that you carry two to three back up batteries for your video-cam or DSLR. You can get a battery charger too, in order to have it completely charged before you leave your hotel room.
Important medicines- must-have
When you plan to travel overseas, it is always better you stack up on your important medicines. These include Aspirin, Benadryl, Cold relieving balms, Crocin tablets, etc. You may wipe out your wallet in absolutely no time if you take medical treatment from a traveling destination abroad. You can also take stomach upset tablets like Charcoal pills. These are an immediate relief from diarrhea.
Always take a sarong or a jacket
You have no idea when the weather would be hot and sunny and when it would become freezing cold. You can sometimes make your clothes messy while dining at a restaurant or too. Taking extra pairs of sweater tees, sarongs or close-knitted jackets will help those of you who are always on the go.
Pay attention while you pack clothes
Quite a lot of last-minute packers just take clothes that they are able to reach out to. You don’t want to look like a monotone, do you? Take vibrant tops, kurtis, tunics etc. so that you are able to capture your best moments on the camera. It is better you take more time while packing your apparels. Take extra pairs of jeans and undergarments too.
Take photocopies of important travel documents
You might have submitted copies of Passport, DL or company ID cards to your travel agent. But there is nothing wrong in taking photo copies of important travel related documents. You can include the photocopies of important documents inside your folder. Carry in your hand-bag which you are allowed to carry inside the plane. If you put your stash inside the luggage and you are unable to retrieve your travel visas or Passport when questioned by customs authorities, you may land up in a terrible fix. And you also have to pay a heavy leash of fine at the airport.
Renew your Passports
This is another must-do before you make your traveling plans. It is always advisable to renew your passports much ahead of your travel plans. But this is something that hardly pops into our minds. We keep looking at our case thousand times to check for our toothbrushes. In the meanwhile we tend to miss out on the minutest things that can hamper the travel plans badly.
Avoid using a public WIFI
All of us are tempted to withdraw some cash at the airport enabled ATM’s. Most airports are fully equipped with free WIFI connectivity. This is a temptation you should not fall prey to. You do not want your confidential debit card or credit card details to get stolen or exposed to fraudsters. It is better you carry enough cash that is required for your travel. Again a prior planning is required on this front.
You can reach the hotel lobby and then transfer money into your bank accounts after confirming if the WIFI has a protected password too.
Jot down important details
You would need to definitely have an immediate access to your hotel where the stay has been arranged. Jotting down room numbers that are allotted under your names, the address and phone numbers of the hotel makes absolute sense. You can keep the info tucked inside your wallet. This saves time and efforts while the details are locked up elsewhere.
Keep ready to eat foods inside your hand-bag
You may not find an easy access to good hotels while embarking a train journey. You can keep readily packed items inside your hand-bag. These include biscuits, bananas, dry fruits pack etc. The immediate hunger pangs are warded off while you keep ready-made foods inside your travel bags.
Know feel good phrases in their local language
You may travel to Spain. Or take a week-end getaway to Missouri. It I always better you get yourself acquainted with the region’s local language. You can learn Hindi, Bengali and Spanish to at least say feel good phrases like please, sorry and thank you. You can enroll for a 30 day online tutorial course to learn new languages. If you keep talking in English or your own native tongue, it is quite hard to pull on in the new place.
Know their culture
You may say something wary but that particular thing might hurt their cultural sentiments or emotional feelings. Pay respect to each tradition’s culture before you try speaking to any one from a foreign land. You can Google the holiday spot’s culture and tradition beforehand so that you don’t hit people on the wrong nerve.
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In this particular segment we have discussed more into the dos and don’ts you keep in mind while traveling. Although the above mentioned tips and ideas are basic ones, most of us tend to skip these factors while we plan to travel at the nth minute. Most of you are super-excited to pack your bags, dream about the fabulous places you are going to visit and so on. These are minutest things that are skipped at the last minute. This check list will make sure you are treading on the right path.
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