Debut author Chaman Srivastava pens down a contemporary novel Chasing Wheels

New Delhi, 3rd October 2018: Young author Chaman Srivastava published his debut novel Chasing Wheels with Notion Press, India’s fastest growing self-publishing company.
This contemporary novel revolves around its protagonist, Rishi Sinha. Luck never favoured Rishi, and he never had anything handed to him on a silver platter. Due to the poor financial conditions of his family, he never had a normal childhood like others around him, be it even going to a formal school until he cleared his secondary school certificate exam from Bihar Open University.
He does not blame his destiny, and he makes the best use of the available opportunities and dreams for a brighter future. He dreams to own a luxury car –an Audi. He wants to make his family proud, and he wants to show the world that no matter how meagre one’s beginnings are, one can accomplish anything and everything one aims to. With his sheer determination and passion, he overcomes all the hurdles one by one. But, his dream of owning a luxury car remains unchanged all through his teenage years to adulthood. In between, he finishes his college degrees, starts working with reputed companies, climbs up the ladders successfully with sheer determination. While walking the path of life, he experiences and learns many things, he experiences the best and the worst moments of life, but he never gives up.
Speaking about the same, the author said, ‘”I strongly believe that reoccurring dreams are important as they are the first step for anything you want to achieve in life. If your dream not becoming a reality is your nightmare, then you are on a right track. No matter how difficult our life is, we should not give up. We should utilise the resources we have and make the best out of them. I have never stopped believing in myself, which helped me to work towards my dream, it doesn’t mean that you become over-optimistic about everything but just to a point where you believe nothing is impossible for you if you try. We should also keep on feeding our dreams with fulfilments to keep believing yourself.
I hope, Rishi’s story will motivate many people. Like him, we all have some dreams, and all we need is courage and determination to fulfil our dreams.”
The narration is filled with exciting twists and turns, and Rishi’s fascinating journey of getting his dream car will surely amaze the readers. Through this book, the author has aimed to convey that through perseverance, determination, and passion, one can achieve anything in the life. The book is currently out and is available on Amazon, Flipkart, and other e-commerce stores.
About the Author:
A young and ambitious IT employee, a dreamer by heart and an ‘I can do it!’ man, Chaman Srivastava hails from Muzaffarpur, India. An MBA graduate from the Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research – Pune, he now has added writing to his repertoire. As a young man, he dreamt of making it big in spite of his financial troubles, and for him, buying a luxury car was the definition of proving this to himself and the people who mattered to him. His little achievements throughout his journey inspired him to write this contemporary novel, Chasing Wheels. He hopes that by telling his story, he’ll be able to inspire his readers and remind them that no dream is ever out of their reach so long as they keep it close to their heart and continue marching on.