Find the best bridal jewelry for your summer wedding day

Your bridal jewelry will have a huge impact on your finished look. A simple gown can be radically transformed depending on which way you decide to go with your jewelry. Do you like the classic look of pearl bridal jewelry, or the sparkly effect of Swarovski crystals? The choice is yours. Whichever you choose, look for pieces that are light and airy for summer.

Summer is also a good time to have fun exploring more trendy pieces, so if a pair of long dangly earrings or a stack of baubles for your wrist catches your eye, go for it! Don’t get too hung up on whether or not the jewelry you choose for your wedding is what you expected to wear. It’s more important to find the pieces that really speak to you.

For summer veils, the idea should still be to lighten up. Wispy breezy veils are more in keeping with the season than very heavy lace veils. Sometimes there is nothing more elegant than a very long plain veil. Instead of wearing an elaborate tiara, look for hair jewelry like pretty wedding hairpin( that can be tucked into the loose hairstyles that are so popular for summer.

Naturally for a summer wedding, you will want to have some great strappy sandals. Whether you prefer towering stilettos or comfortable flats, you will find that you have some fantastic choices. The best thing about wearing sandals is that your feet will not be hot and sweaty as you dance the night away. It also gives you an excuse to skip wearing nylons (sorry, moms!).

When you are wearing a simple wedding gown, it allows you more room to play with your accessories. For the most flexibility, choose custom bridal jewelry. Bridal jewelry that is custom made just for you will ensure that you get the perfect pieces to finish off your gown. For a dramatic look, wear drop birthstone earrings(, either in clear or perhaps pulling in one of your wedding colors. For more demure brides, the classic look of crystals mixed with pearls will be just right.

Your gown and accessories are not the only things that will create your glamorous wedding day look. Hair and makeup will also be very important. Think chic and sophisticated when deciding on a hairstyle. Avoid anything that looks too much like a prom hairstyle, such as a very contrived updo with piles of curls. The most glamorous hair will be sleek and polished. If you want to wear your hair up, styles like low buns or chignons look elegant and stylish. A very glamorous hairstyle to try is that classic Veronica Lake style, with the hair worn down in smooth waves around the face.

Finish off your hairstyle with a crystal piece of hair jewelry. The most sophisticated options include a cluster of hairpins tucked into a bun or a sparkling comb holding back a sweep of long hair. Although beautiful, the princess look if a full tiara is not right for a glamorous wedding have many fashion wedding jewelry and hair accessory( for your choice.