Which Patio Heater is Right for you?

September, 2018 – As summer moves towards fall, evenings become cooler. If you still want to stay outside as long as possible, patio heaters can help create that comfortable environment in your patio, yard or outdoor living spaces.

If you are wondering which patio heater is best for you, here are different options and a few considerations for how to choose the right one for your home.

Stand-alone or Free-standing Heaters

These heaters are tall units that can heat an area within a 5 to 10-foot radius. You can often spot these heaters used in restaurants, bars and public spaces. These heaters are available in electric, propane and natural gas options. Since these are tall heaters, you need to ensure that your outdoor living space has the clearance to safely accommodate this type.

Free-standing heaters consist of the base, a pole, a heat source and a reflector.

Tabletop Heaters

Tabletop heaters are a good option if you have limited space, especially because these heaters are usually smaller than free standing heaters. Some table top heaters look like table lamps and are available in propane and electric versions. However, the small size also means less heat than the free-standing heaters.

Since tabletop heaters are secured to patio tables, you need a sturdy table or countertop to install this type of heater. Tabletop heaters offer you the added advantage of a warm, living-room touch to your outdoor area rather than simply being a utilitarian heating unit.

Wall-mounted Heaters

Wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted heaters are efficient outdoor heaters that stay out of the way, unlike the tall and tabletop versions. Wall mounted heaters are ideal for smaller spaces, especially if you don’t have enough floor space or if a table or countertop available in your yard or patio.
Many wall-mounted outdoor heaters run on electricity to create infrared heat. An advantage with mounted heaters is that they can be adjusted in different directions.

Apart from the utility and style, safety is the most important consideration while choosing an outdoor patio heater. Look for heaters that allow an automatic shut-off feature which gets activated if the heater gets knocked over.

An appropriate patio heater would not only allow you to enjoy summer for longer, it would also help you enjoy summer sooner, next spring. All you need to do is adjust the heat on your patio heater. This means the right patio heater can add days, weeks, even months to your outdoor living enjoyment.

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