PriceManager Helps Manufacturers Maintain Brand Image and Profitability

The online pricing tracking software provider gives manufacturers a solution to monitor vendors who violate the Minimum Advertised Pricing policies and to track the online pricing from their competitors.

[TEANECK, 09/14/2018] — PriceManager offers tracking software that allows manufacturers to monitor if their vendors comply with the Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policies. The company adds that this solution updates manufacturers regarding MAP violations and, at the same time, gives them real-time access to online listings of their products.

The Advantage of MAP Software

Using the PriceManager’s software, manufacturers can have streamlined operations because it is easier for them to communicate and inform resellers regarding violations in MAP policies. The software also makes it convenient for them to track their products online. If pricing issues arise, they can report it to their sales representative right away.

PriceManager explains that the tool also gives manufacturers the advantage to compare prices from other businesses that produce similar products. The system is easy to use and reaches distributors in more than 30 countries in different currencies. It can track an unlimited number of retailers, too.

For issues about unauthorized vendors, the software can capture all vendors selling products on marketplaces and shopping engines, a typical listing place for such resellers. This capability helps manufacturers discover who sells their products and what products they sell.

Working with an automated tracking solution increases the profit of manufacturers and enhances their relationship with resellers.

The MAP Software Features

According to PriceManager, manufacturers can use its tracking software to observe MAP every day. They scan pricing multiple times a day, but they have to ensure that the activity must not damage a competitors’ site and the company remains anonymous.

Apart from discovering unauthorized vendors, the software can also find violation leaders. It displays the historical violation trends for the manufacturer’s reference.

Operators do not need to set up the software because it is a Saas (software as a service) Solution. Meaning, they can easily access the tool over the Internet without requiring additional support.

It is worth noting that this software cannot track the pricing for child care services, car washes, nannies, home aides, and marijuana.

About PriceManager

PriceManager is a subscription-based service that assists manufacturers and retailers in tracking online pricing and other competitive intelligence. The company eliminates manual processes, enabling businesses to track online pricing efficiently and maintain an edge over the competition.

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