JMC Equipment Provides Automotive Equipment for Auto Body Repairs

JMC Equipment offers automotive tools needed for auto body repairs, like frame racks and car rotators. Its high-quality products are affordable and can be financed monthly at a low cost.

[Dover, 09/14/2018] – JMC Equipment provides a wide array of tools and equipment required for auto body work and repairs. The company offers only the latest and most efficient tools to its clients, ranging from detailing accessories to car repair equipment. These products are sourced from and supplied by reputable manufacturers like Lisle, GearWrench, Huth, and Esco, among others.

JMC Equipment’s Frame Racks and Frame Rack Accessories

The company offers economical, high-quality, and durable frame machines that can accommodate full-frame or uni-body type vehicles. Some of its frame racks and frame rack accessories are:

• Tuxedo FR-77T-18 Tilt Deck Tubular Frame Rack: FR-77T’s hydraulic tilt deck has the capacity to lift vehicles weighing up to 7,700 lbs. It also has a “clearfloor” 360-degree pulling capacity with multiple tie-down spots.
• iDEAL Fr-77-20 20′ Tilt Deck/Steel Plate Platform Frame Rack: Its twin 10-ton round pull towers come with telescoping tower heads and adjustable collars. FR-77 is also equipped with quick disconnect hydraulic fitting and hose connections.
• Tuxedo FR-PROMEASRKIT Frame Rack Professional Measuring Kit: This practical precision measuring instrument has triple telescoping tubular aluminum scale and 3ea precision aluminum scale extensions. The product is lightweight and comes with durable aluminum case and instructional disks.

JMC Equipment’s Car Rotators

Clients have many options to choose from when buying car rotators at JMC Equipment. All this equipment ispractical and ideal for heavy work.

• Tuxedo Cr-3000 Car Rotator – 3,000 Lb Capacity: This has a heavy-duty balancing system that securely locks at all angles. With its four 16” mounting arms, Cr-300 can lift vehicles weighing up to 3,000 lbs.
• The Auto Dolly Originals – Auto Rotisserie With E-Z Spin (No Jacks): The E-Z Spin has a spring-loaded locking pin system that allows one-person operation, without risking the safe rotation of the vehicle. E-Z Spin can lift vehicles weighing up to 3,000 lbs. and has 12 multi-angle positioning stops. The item also includes two base stand assemblies. E-Z Spin can be bought with or without jacks.

JMC Equipment offers many financial options to its clients. Its car rotators and frame machines, for example, can be paid monthly from 12 to 60 months.

About JMC Equipment

JMC Equipment is a family-owned auto tools and equipment provider located in Delaware. It offers affordable, high-quality automotive equipment like auto air compressors, paint booth equipment, wheel balancers, and tire changers.

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