Influence Of Submerged Arc Welding Technology On Spiral Tube Production

Welding technology plays a key role in the spiral tube production process. Because the weld seam of the spiral tube is
very long, the quality of the weld is good, which will affect the quality of the spiral tube. Therefore, spiral tube
manufacturers must use advanced welding technology to improve welding quality and avoid weld defects. Submerged arc
welding technology is of great significance in the production of modern spiral tubes, so ssaw steel pipe is used more.

1. Submerged arc welding technology is a kind of mechanized welding technology, the characteristics of automation, labor intensity is also relatively low, saving time and manpower, and, in addition, the heat loss is small, the thermal efficiency is improved, and the spiral tube production efficiency is high.

2. The quality level of the weld is very high, because the parameters can be adjusted automatically, and the slag and air can be well insulated to ensure stable weld composition and good performance.

3. When the spiral tube is welded, it will not produce arc, smoke, etc., ensuring good environment and working conditions, which is of great help to the production of spiral tubes.

There are many new welding technologies, but the submerged arc welding technology is still popular. It shows that the technical level is very high, which is of great significance to the development of the spiral tube industry. The large
diameter spiral tube is a relatively durable spiral steel tube because of the technology.

The development of the spiral tube also has excellent performances such as anti-corrosion and heat preservation. However, people still encounter corrosion problems, which will reduce its performance and cause certain losses to people. People should pay attention to taking protective measures.

The part of the nozzle of the spiral tube is prone to rust, especially in the place where the nozzle is beveled. It is necessary to strengthen the maintenance. Generally, the cap is used to isolate the spiral tube from the air, so that
the spiral tube does not come into contact with the moist air. It can effectively avoid the rust of the spiral tube nozzle. There are two types of this cap, one is the inner buckle, the other is the outer plug, the sealing is better, people can choose the combination of the characteristics of the pipe and the price.

Nowadays, the spiral tubes and seamless steel pipes are widely used and the application amount is relatively large. In order to ensure its effective utilization, people must master the maintenance of the spiral tube nozzle to prevent the spiral tube from being corroded, so that the spiral tube has good durability and long use time, avoiding causing no The necessary loss. When people are maintaining the nozzle, they should pay attention to selecting the appropriate cap.

1. The large-diameter spiral pipe should be stored in a relatively dry place. The wet environment may cause the protective layer on the surface of the spiral pipe to be damaged, and the spiral pipe will be rusted.

2. The surface of the large-diameter spiral tube can not be in contact with corrosive substances, such as some chemicals, sulfuric acid, salt, etc., can not be in contact with some organic matter, may form organic acids, but also
cause spiral tube corrosion.

3. Pay attention to the air does not have sulfur dioxide and other pollutants, because it will form an acidic substance when combined with condensed water, the corrosion of large diameter spiral tube is also relatively large.

From the above analysis, it can be concluded that to prevent corrosion of large-diameter spiral tubes, it is necessary to pay attention to reasonable storage conditions and avoid contact with water and corrosive substances.