Foam Home’s ErgoShell Mattress Technology for the Perfect Sleep

Foam Home, an Indian company pioneering mattress manufacturing over 40 years is underlining the importance of orthopaedic needs. Foam Home’s original design of the ErgoShell Mattress technology is pre-designed using pressure mapping devices based on average Indian sleeping patterns. The mattress is then designed based on these readings.
ErgoShell mattress, first launched in Germany, comes with a moulded Shell holding the interconnected foam blocks which are 100% pure foam ensuring quality. Customers can also customise their mattress as per their requirements with the help of the Foam Home family at the experience centre.
The unique factor about ErgoShell is the way the mattress is constructed using pure foam blocks for every part of the body. It comes with three primary layers; consisting of the Shell, support blocks varying compression on specific body parts and a comfort layer on top for optimal relief. The outer covering is made up of special High Definition fabric with great strength, extreme softness, sanitised and is anti-dust mite treated. Keeping international standards in mind, it not only provides comfort but also a tranquil sleep night after night.
So visit your nearest Foam Home experience centre and find your perfect mattress for a perfect snooze!
Price range starts from ₹22,000/- for Single Bed and ₹43,500/- for Double Bed.

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