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With a stream of potential avenues and opportunities for growth and success, the UAE welcomes foreign investors and businesses to set-up their business and companies on its soil. Whether it is small to medium size businesses or large corporations, there is something in it for everyone. Acquiring the services of a business consulting firm in such circumstances is both smart and beneficial. Whether it is an independent business person, entrepreneur or established company, business consultants in Dubai will ensure that the process to set up a business in Dubai takes an efficient and effective route.

The Head of AYS notes, We are specialized business consultants that will ensure you stay on the right track. With years of experience and expertise we have a deep understanding of the latest protocols and procedures of setting up your business correctly and with minimum inconvenience”.

When it comes to obtaining a commercial license it is important for businesses to remember that there are mandatory documents that need to be submitted, and many complications that can arise that need to be dealt with..

These complications can be avoided by hiring the services of a business consulting firm in Dubai. They will create a strategic business plan in place which will save the company time and energy and this time can be used to focus on the core functions of the business to help increase productivity.

Remember, not all business entities are the same and have different pre-requisites when it comes to approvals and permits. And not all businesses that are planning to set-up will have the knowledge and skill to handle these prerequisites with ease. Whether it is visa related matters or legal permits, a consulting firm will oversee the process of acquiring a business registration in Dubai from start to finish.

The Head of AYS further notes, “Our goal is to make the process of setting up your company in Dubai simple. We make it our responsibility to be the middle person, so that once the forms have been filled and documents submitted, you are free of everything that goes on in-between until we acquire the business registration. It is that easy”.

About Us
AYS Consultancy supports setting up businesses in Dubai. We are there from start to finish, making sure everything is done just right, from providing business support and advice, attestation of legal documents, setting up bank accounts, visa processing and registering VAT. AYS had a number of years of experience setting up businesses that have been gained growth and success. We have a team of experts that have the right kind of knowledge and skills to overcome any obstacle. And our priority is to ensure your business is set up for success. For more information, visit our website on