Ultra Collaborates with Gaming and Blockchain Expert Dmitry Fedotov

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA—Tech startup, Ultra, is on a mission to revolutionize the gaming industry for players and developers alike. Using blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, Ultra lets game creators enjoy the fruits of their labor by reducing revenue share, optimizing marketing expenses and improving game discoverability while also giving players an opportunity to earn money and play exclusive games. To advance their cause, the company recently paired up with Dmitry Fedotov, a successful entrepreneur with a strong background in the game distribution.

“I’m excited about this collaboration. My goal is to create strategic partnerships involving payment processing as well as resolve challenges involving the acceptance of exotic payment methods in countries like China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.,” explained Fedotov.

Hanson David, Co-CEO of Ultra, looks forward to working with Fedotov on upcoming projects and helping to create a more positive gaming experience for both developers and players.

“We value experience on the field and with Dmitry’s addition to the team we are feeling more confident than ever to deliver our disruptive platform,” stated David.

Based in Hong Kong, Fedotov has one foot firmly planted in the west and the other in the east. He has first-hand experience in risk mitigation, payment acceptance, and community management throughout China and Southeast Asia.

“During my time in Asia-Pacific, I’ve found working here to be extremely efficient and business friendly,” explained Fedotov. “It isn’t a coincidence that the majority of crypto exchanges are based in Hong Kong.”

Fedotov brings a great deal of experience to Ultra, having successfully launched Resume Games, a digital game store with over 200,000 game titles. During his time as CEO, he negotiated terms and created partnerships with companies such as Worldpay/Ingenico and acquired distribution rights from leading publishers such as Rockstar, 2K, Ubisoft, Warner Brothers and many more.

“Similar to what I did at Resume Games, I plan to also assist the company with securing distribution rights from major game publishers, especially focusing on a regional pricing strategy,” stated Fedotov.

To date, Fedotov has also advised more than a dozen ICO/Blockchain projects. With over 15 years of experience in Asia-Pacific, he is a frequent speaker at tech conferences around the globe and currently acts as an advisor to multiple technology companies in the United States and Asia.

“I have first-hand knowledge of how to establish a thriving business and look forward to applying that knowledge at Ultra,” stated Fedotov. “I can’t wait to see the great things we can achieve and am very motivated to be a part of an impressive team, with veterans of the gaming industry from Dell, Time Warner, Unity Asia, Wargaming, Google, Apple and more.”