Bodmin Jail Offers School Tours Rich in History and Design Lectures

Bodmin Jail’s school tours provide comprehensive educational resources for various courses in different levels. From pre-GCSE to post-graduate, visitors can learn about the Victorian penal system, architecture and literature.

[BODMIN, 11/07/2018] – Bodmin Jail, an 18th Century prison attraction located in the heart of Cornwall, offers school trips filled with comprehensive historical, architectural and literary learnings. Bodmin Jail provides an array of educational resources for guests from pre-GCSE pupils to post-graduate students.

Untapped Historical and Literary Resource in the UK

While it is mostly known for its thrill-seeking, spine-chilling tours and adventures, Bodmin Jail is an untapped educational resource, especially for history and design courses.

Built in 1779, Bodmin Jail is rich in architectural and legal history. Through in-depth, comprehensive tours, Bodmin Jail aims to preserve its rich heritage by passing it onto young people and inspiring the next generation of architects, novelists, historians and artists.

Bodmin Jail’s Academic Resources

Students can learn about Victorian executions, changes in the UK’s law and the history of the penal system. The architectural history of Bodmin Jail may also inspire artists and teach them about spatial planning, creative writing and filmmaking.

Prior to making the visit, guests may download Bodmin Jail’s free resources on the Book of Execution, the Executioners of Bodmin and John Foulston’ssupposed influence on Bodmin Jail’s architecture.

Pre-GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Students) students may apply their learnings in the Victorian course and ‘Crime and Punishment’ readings. Post-GCSE students may benefit from resources regarding design and architecture, the justice system and media studies. For university and post-graduate students, Bodmin Jail’s educational tour may help with social history studies and criminal psychology.

Bodmin Jail also offers special tours and resources for research students, one-on-one interviews and tours, home educators and institutions for special needs students.

About Bodmin Jail

Bodmin Jail was an 18th Century prison located in Cornwall and saw the reign of three periods from the Georgian to the Edwardian Period. Today, Bodmin Jail is a preserved attraction filled with history and entertainment. Visitors can enjoy food and wine tours or experience spooky ghost hunts and haunted stories inside the prison grounds.

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