Booking Golf Tee Times in the UK Online

Q. Do you think these platforms are good for the game and what are the downsides?

Firstly, there has always been a market for selling unsold inventory in any business sector (think discount flight seats) but the advent of sites such as Group On in the early noughties has proved there is a need for discounted green fees.

However, while, this has seen phenomenal growth, the downside is that for some clubs and tee times, there is a race to the ‘bottom of the barrel’. I have seen some clubs selling tee times at £5.00 pp. Alas, this is just not sustainable in the long term and will harm a club if it competes in this way for your golfing pound.

Q. What is the differences between the type of green fee booking systems?

These are primarily split into two categories:

1.Direct Golf Tee Times Booking Websites & Apps e.g. Golf Now
2.Discounted Green Fee & Offer websites e.g. Golf Deals Group

The former lends itself to offering fixed prices, which may change at any time subject to popularity. These systems then add a small commission (around £3 per booking).

The latter is more designed to offer ‘value’ and therefore not only offers green fee and tee time booking offers but in addition, they offer packages that also include buggies, free round at the bar or range balls.

Q. How else can I save money of green fees?
Well I would say this but with our website the social golfer (TSG), as a paid up PRO membership subscriber, you qualify to play over 40+ golf course in and around London and further afield at members Guests rates. This can sometimes save you in excess of £10-20 on your tee time booking depending on the course.

In addition, The Social Golfer team have a unique and exclusive arrangement with Crown Golf (the largest owner of golf clubs in the UK!) so that TSGers (as they are affectionately known) can play at their course at discounted rates!

Q. And how do you see this changing in the future?
Obviously, some golf clubs have fought back at this innovation and now only selling green fees from their own websites. As more and more golfer rely on ‘Course Reviews’ to make their decision about which course to play… we can’t see these platforms going away any time soon and golfer are looking for ‘independent’ reviews.

However, it is the clubs that embrace this change, and those who work with these platforms that will see the greatest results. I therefore urge golf clubs to get in touch with these websites and forge a relationship for the good of everyone and the game. I think Golf Deals Group and The Social Golfer are a must for any golf club managers and my advice is don’t wait for them to call you!

As Steve Cooper, Managing Director of Golf Deals Group says….
” We found many golf club manager and marketers are very sceptical about using some of our platforms, yet we have proved time and time again that we can grow both tee time booking in the UK for most golf clubs, as well as grow revenue. We have a database of over 200K+ golfers, all of whom are looking for a competitive price. We have demonstrated on many occasions that building a relationship with our platform is of benefit to all!”