Seagulls teaches you finding the right logistics forwarder to save money

With the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, as well as Amazon’s promotion and super in the Chinese market, now many sellers pay more and more attention to and recognize the advantage of FBA, and the application of FBA is becoming more and more mature. With the increase of sales volume and the grasp of inventory, many sellers have gradually replaced the FBA with the shipping method of multi-batch delivery methods. Therefore, it is a problem that how we can distinguish the good and responsible international logistics forwarder from so many freight forwarders in freight forwarding market. In the following, Seagulls will tell you how to judge a freight forwarding company’s comprehensive strength.

Large scale: As a competitive FBA delivery forwarder, it must have the advantage of both the route control and overseas delivery. From the perspective of company size, the small company with number of employees under 30 is almost impossible to concrete the advantage of above two aspects. Because even if running one route with mature overseas network, it can not be less than 30 people with administrative financial workers. Therefore, FBA delivery can not choose too small companies.

Overseas operating capacity: According to the above mentioned thing and FBA distribution process , we can know that it requires higher overseas ability in both plan formulation and implementation. At present, the forwarder agent has self-built network and affiliate agent two ways. There is no doubt that the self-built overseas network is with great strength in cost and service on the implementation. Also, the seller can learn about the overseas branches of the forwarder company through its website. It is very convenient and save more time.

Electrical business experience: the cross-border electricity exports, after all, is different from the traditional foreign trade export freight operation. It needs the freight forwarder have a deep understanding of cross-border electricity, and familiar with the electricity demand, understand the electrical contractor logistics market is not standard. It mainly reflects in three aspects: in the trade business agents, it is shown in the compliance of FBA rules and the embodiment of scale effect terms of trade.; in business, since Amazon can not be an import consignee, and most sellers do not have the ability to be the receiving company, it is thee forwarder company to play this roles. As the import consignee, the forwarder need to valuate the commodity and have a clear understanding of the export customs supervision conditions.

Overseas transportation: As the freight forwarder with a certain scale, which occupies large market share, can customize the transportation solution according to different customers. For the customers with a large quantity of cargo, it is suggested to deliver in whole case, which will reduce the head of the international section of the transportation cost. For the customers who can not use the whole container because of the small quantity of goods, Seagulls can help them to reduce the cost by using the form of LCL group-purchase. Seagulls can focus on a small batch of goods and carry out in accordance with the whole container freight costs to apportion. In this way, it will greatly reduce the cost of transportation and realize the LCL cargo directly enjoy the FCL cargo transport unit price cost.

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