Dental Anxiety and the Dentist for Nervous Patients

Regular dental appointments are essential for maintaining good oral health, however, up to 25% of the population in the UK would rather do anything than go to the dentist. This can result in the development of gum disease, tooth decay and other oral health problems which can be totally prevented by visiting a dentist for nervous patients.

[LONDON, 13/06/2018] – At Care Dental Platinum, dental phobia is approached from a psychological and pathological viewpoint and by an experienced and well-trained dentist for nervous patients. At Care Dental Platinum, conscious sedation offered by a dentist for nervous patients is combined with psychological support to enable patients to understand their fear and gradually overcome it. The dentist for nervous patients at Care Dental Platinum also offers hypnosis as an alternative therapy for dental phobia.

Why do people fear the dentist and what can be done?

Most patients who come to Care Dental Platinum have experienced unpleasant dental visits at some points in their lives and if these occurred at an impressionable age, chances are that fear of the dentist gradually intensified as they have grown older. A dentist for nervous patients at Care Dental Platinum is the best person to deal with these types of anxieties, as they can slowly build up each patient’s trust.

Another reason why people may not be visiting a dentist for nervous patients at Care Dental Platinum is because they are afraid that dental treatment is going to hurt. Modern dentistry has evolved and the dentist for nervous patients in London at Care Dental Platinum will use conscious sedation to make patients feel comfortable throughout their treatment. Conscious sedation at Care Dental Platinum is a combination of oxygen (80%) and nitrous oxide (20%) that puts patients in a deep state of relaxation, while being awake. The dentist for nervous patients at Care Dental Platinum will keep communicating with them and by the end of the procedure, they will remember (little) if any of the treatment.

Finally, many patients are feeling nervous about completely surrendering to the dentist. For nervous patients, a lack of knowledge about the procedure can lead to more anxiety. For this reason, communicating with the dentist at Care Dental Platinum before the treatment is essential.

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