ICA India organized National seminar on ‘Electrical safety and energy conservation in buildings’

India is experiencing radical construction activities and is set to be the hub of ‘High Rise buildings’ in the next few decades. While India has an estimated annual growth of 8 percent, the building sector has been projected to add 1 billion square meters of floor space by 2030. Commercial buildings are estimated to account for nearly 10 percent of all energy consumption. ICA India would like to lay a foundation for ‘Zero Tolerance’ towards electrical accidents by sensitizing all stakeholders on the need for adoption of cutting edge technology and application of sound technical practices. With this aim, International Copper Association India (ICA India) on May 25, 2018 organized the seminar on ‘Electrical Safety & Energy Conservation in Buildings’ in Mumbai, in conjunction with Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Chief Electrical Inspectorate, Govt. of Maharashtra and Consulting Electrical Engineers Association of Maharashtra(CEEAMA). The seminar focused on developing a culture of safe and sustainable use of electricity in the interest of the public thus creating awareness across all stakeholders.
This seminar saw participation of delegates associated with state electrical safety implementation bodies like Chief Electrical Inspectorates, State Public Works Department, Central Public Works Department, also experts from Distribution utilities of Central, State and Private sectors under one roof. Government of India has committed to reduce emission intensity of national GDP by 33% to 35% by 2030 from 2005 level. For achieving these targets, it is crucial to transform the building sector to the most advanced standards of energy efficiency like zero energy building. Government of India has accorded high importance to electrical safety and energy conservation, but there is a gap in terms of poor industry practices, improper or weak installations design, using undersized and inferior quality of wires and electrical equipment. Not only do such limitations result in energy loss but have caused 56% of all fire incidents. These incidences such as short circuit have led to loss of precious lives and property. With this workshop, ICA India intends to increase awareness to the larger community about these key shortcomings and ways to move towards better standards and compliances for a safer future. ICA India chose this seminar for the inauguration of its ‘Electrically Safe India’ campaign.
Mr. S R Bagde, Chief Electrical Inspector to Government of Maharashtra, said “Emphasized for higher safety practices, measures to reduce the electrical accidents and the need for awareness programs, which is both industry friendly and easily understandable for the common man. Thus, the safety week provides a platform to discuss the key issues related to electrical safety in the State of Maharashtra. It will also help in implementing standards and regulations of electrical infrastructure in Maharashtra”.
Elaborating on the subject Mr. Sanjeev Ranjan, Managing Director, International Copper Association India (ICA India) said, “Awareness of electrical hazards is crucial in reducing the staggering number of electrical fires, injuries, and deaths that occur every year. By understanding basic electrical safety principles and adhering to safe practices, many electrocutions and home fires can be prevented.” He added, “We at ICA India strive to empower people with knowledge to overcome in tackling electricity hazards.”
The seminar focused on electrical accident analysis, issues and challenges, protection against electric shock, modern lighting, earthing protection and electrical safety in high-rise buildings, digital power infrastructure in buildings, Energy Conservation in Building and periodic inspection of electrical installations in buildings. The interactive sessions between policy makers, law-enforcing agencies like designers, installers and end users of electricity in buildings was the hallmark of the seminar. ICA India has state-of-the-art programs that address current safety trends and has always provided innovative training solutions for the electrical industry. With this in mind, ICA India kicked off a new initiative – Safe Wiring Safer Buildings: Electrical safety at home and workplace with an aim to spread awareness to public aiming to make an ‘Electrically Safe India.

About ICA India:
The International Copper Association India (ICA India) is a member of Copper Alliance and the Indian arm of the International Copper Association Limited (ICA), the leading not for profit organization for the promotion of copper worldwide set up in 1959. ICA India was formed in 1998 to actively associate with the growing number of copper users in India. The objective is to “Defend and grow markets for copper based on its superior technical performance and its contribution to a higher quality of life worldwide”. ICA India conducts various programs in the interest of Electrical Safety, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability.

About – Department of Electrical Inspectorate, Govt. of Maharashtra:
The Electrical Inspectorate is a department under Government of Maharashtra, industries, Energy and Labour Department. The Chief Electrical Inspector to Government of Maharashtra is the Head of the Department. The Chief Electrical Inspector is assisted by Superintending Engineers, Electrical Inspectors, Electrical Inspectors (Lifts), Secretary Licensing Board, Dy. Director Accts & Audit and Duty Inspectors. The main function of the Department is to ensure safety of l electrical installations as per the provisions of section 53 of Electricity Act 2003 & regulations made therein.

Consulting Electrical Engineers Association of Maharashtra (CEEAMA):
Established in the year 2004, with the purpose to bring all consulting electrical engineering professionals on one platform. The consulting Engineer’s fraternity forms a major link between equipment manufacturers and Clients [End Users]. Consultants play important role in Design and Engineering Execution of the projects. They help end user in executing the projects economically, safely and within the rules and regulations.

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