Zhisheng automated welding equipment kitchen sink shapes machine Hard polyvinyl chloride weld structure type and size

Hard polyvinyl chloride weld structure type and size
Hard PVC Welded Joints Types and Dimensions Weld Name Type Size/mm Application Description One-sided V-shaped butt joint a=0.5 to 1.5b=1 to 1.5δ≤5; α=60° to 70°δ>5; α = 70° to 90° δ ≤ 10; β = 60° to 70° δ> 10; β = 70° to 90° For welds that can only be welded on one side. There is notch on the non-robotic welding machineside, which tends to cause stress concentration. Generally, δ ≤ 6mm double-sided V-shaped butt robotic welding machineon both sides can avoid stress concentration due to single-sided welding, usually δ ≤ 10mmX butt a = 0.5 ~ 1.5b =1~1.5δ≤5; α=60°~70°δ>5; α=70°~90°δ≤10; β=60°~70°δ>10; β=70°~90° is three In the docking form, the most used material and the highest strength, generally δ≥6mm double-sided overlapping b≥3a joints will also produce bending moments after being subjected to external forces. Generally, they are rarely used singly, and are often used to assist the robotic welding machineof single hypotenuse. One-sided T-connection a=0.5 to 1b=1 to 1.5α=45° to 55° For robotic welding machinein racks, partitions, etc. installed in towers or storage tanks, it is not easy to use for bottom robotic welding machinesuch as towers or storage tanks Slits, ie, welded double beveled double-sided T-joints that cannot be used as the primary structure Single beveled single-sided angular joints a=0.5 to 1b=1 to 1.5α=45° to 55°β=80° to 90° Tower container and tank top, bottom and wall connections. Generally used for plate thickness δ ≥ 6mm double beveled single-sided angular connection double beveled double-sided angular connection is used for the connection of the tower container and the top, bottom and wall of the tank. General plate thickness δ>10mm Single bevel corner robotic welding machinewith angled reinforcement plate b=30~50δ1<δ, generally δ1=4 Main robotic welding machinestrips at the top and bottom of the tower container with high airtightness requirements Reinforced plate V-shaped robotic welding machineα = 45 ° b = 20 ~ 40δ1 <δ, generally δ1 = 4 with strip-shaped reinforcing plate X-shaped robotic welding machineb = 60 ~ 80δ1 <δ, generally δ1 = 4 for high air tightness requirements Main weld of the tower container
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