The Chess Maestro Believes That, “Online Poker Has a Bright Future in India”

17th May,2018, Kolkata : Viswanathan Anand 5-time world chess champion, the chess maestro feels that the game of poker has a bright future in India. He thinks that poker is a mind sport. Anand believes that the game of poker and the chess has a strong connection between them. The chess maestro feels that, psychology plays important role to the both game poker and the chess. And the both game need intellect and skill to win. He says that, he also requires some skills to win a game of poker just after trying a hand in a poker match.

Beyond this poker game has also a huge economic potential. In the year 2016 the total estimated industry was UDS120 Million, and now it’s gone over more than USD150 Million. Online poker is a very popular passtime activity these days in India. is a newly launched online poker gaming site in India. The aim of PokerLion is introduced the game poker as a game of skills, not just the game of luck. To introduce the sport Poker as a game of skill, the first think to be do is, involve more and more people to the game directly as a player. But for that should increase the interest towards play poker online. And PokerLion is doing that in very much right way. They have introduced exciting offers for Indian Players to attract towards play poker online.

It’s good for the poker industry of the nation as more the organizers, more are the alternatives for the players to opt and play. These days, poker sites and the poker enthusiasts tend to play the real money games.
This year as well there are a few poker sites which have been launched newly. Amongst them, Poker Lion is one of the largest online poker sites launched grandly in Mumbai city on February 2018.

Best Online Real Money Poker Site and the only Indian multi-linguistic poker site, has been introduced for the poker lovers of India. The state-of-the-art design permits online poker players to sign up and play games with ease in a fun yet highly-competitive setting which is both legal and secure. The website was launched in Mumbai during a grand event on February 24, 2018 by Bollywood Actor Rajeev Khandelwal.

The biggest online poker sites are most of the times the best place to play poker. The largest poker online sites have the largest game selection, and it can be easy to search your favourite game at any point of time. At many of the small sites it can be hard to search any games other than Texas Hold’em poker, and there may not even be a lot of those games running when you decide to play.

At the largest online poker sites you can play a variety of mixed games. You simply can’t find all of the other games at smaller poker online sites. The sites with the most players also have bigger poker tournaments, which will mean bigger prize pools to play for.

Playing in Poker Lion gives the poker players many advantages. There are many reasons that Poker Lion is the largest poker site. A few of these reasons are good customer service, great software, sound security and many bonuses and promotions.

Newly registered players receive ₹ 500 as their sign up and welcome bonus credited automatically to their PokerLion website account. Added to that, a player gets various deposit amounts like:

• 50% bonus on deposit up to ₹ 499
• 100% bonus on deposit of ₹ 500
• 150% bonus on deposit of ₹ 1000
• 200% bonus on deposit of ₹ 2000 + 2 Movie Tickets
• 300% bonus on deposit of ₹ 5000 + 1 IPL Ticket
• ₹ 1000 Referring a Friend Bonus

PokerLion is the first Indian gaming site to introduce a special reward of a player the chance to play in Match Indian Poker League based on the Loyalty Points for its cash players.