SCADA Security Solutions and Vulnerabilities

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), is a “child” (in programming terms), of the information control system. However, this does mean they have a lot of differences because newer versions were made to fill in the gaps for older ones. When information control system was first implemented, it was made for the protection of physical aspects rather than software aspects which were doing a great job until the internet came along and changes the whole world. Software’s came to surface and owners need more than just physical protection, now at times, they do not even want the physical protection anymore. SCADA Security was made to protect important sectors of a software, similar but not limited to gas pipelines and power transmissions. Thus it is safe to say that the SCADA security is used to implement high security for big-time companies, It is also a term that most people became accustomed to.

SCADA Security Solutions

As previously mentioned SCADA was made from the Information control system which would make the SCADA have its own SCADA Security Solutions.

Industries need to deploy all their machine supports to become SCADA compatible. This is made so owners can use the SCADA Security Solutions to its full capability.

For software that have information control system gaps, fill them in with SCADA thus making sure no attacks can get in no matter what.

Make sure there is a bridge between networks and the SCADA mechanisms so it can access the network freely and not get shut off at any moment. This is very important because we should not even leave a minute for attacks to have a change.

SCADA Security Solutions lets us analyze any time if we have any threats to the system, thus stopping it before it does any actual damage.

Always stay up to date with new protection software that can be used. This will make sure that nothing is out of date or the bugs that were previously ruined will be fixed.

SCADA Vulnerabilities

SCADA may seem like the best option but there is always better attack software that may outrun it. As SCADA has a maximum amount of power, SACADA will thrive attackers to try and break it down. This will lead to the SCADA Vulnerabilities which is mostly caused by the “HMIs”. It may seem absurd especially since a lot of attackers have tried and failed, but it does make sense that when there is something good, there is always something better. The sabotages, device settings hack may not have worked but the HMIs worked like a charm! The HMIs is more of the name of the attackers rather than the way it was accomplished. This may happen when the SCADA is connected to a network-enabled location since they both can simply share the same network. Any object can have its own set of vulnerabilities, it is how you above them in the future that improves the system and the companies’ reliability.