Getting Involved in Cybersecurity

Cyber security is needed in this day and age. With so many technologies and organizations storing their information online we need cyber security to protect against the information getting into the wrong hands. Cyber security is a technology that processes and practices protecting networks, and programs from attacks, and unauthorized access. When talking computer terms and security, it just means both cyber security and physical security too.

Cyber security requires ensuring cyber security has matching efforts from all parties throughout the whole information system. A problem with cyber security is the fact security risks are evolving quickly and getting harder to crack and repair. Once the work has been done to eliminate one be sure there is another security risk waiting that is far worse than the previous. The approach is to focus mostly on the most important parts and find protection for the biggest common threats, Unfortunately, this leaves some components unprotected and some smaller risks unprotected against. You may have heard of SOC when talking about cyber security this is a team of highly skilled people who have the job of continuously monitoring the security while detecting, analyzing and responding to the security incidents with the use of powerful processors and in-step procedures.

The cybersecurity SOC plan must be clear and specific. The plan is dependent and can only run off the support and sponsorships otherwise it won’t be able to function properly. This will mean it won’t be processed as a critical asset to the rest of the company.

The SOC team must address the needs of the company and aim at a strong executive sponsorship to be successful on all levels. If you believe cyber security is a career path for you and you are interested in looking into it further. There are several cyber security training centerplaces available online and in other major cities that will train you for the skills that are needed to be a cyber security officer. It is easier if you are already in the IT field to get a role in working with the cyber security team. There is a high demand of people wanting to work within cyber security so make sure you have the skill set and all the qualifications needed to be considered by the team. Do as many extra courses as you can within the cyber security role, this will help you to stand out from the crowd giving you a better chance at landing the job.

The Cyber security skills needed are:


Computer science

cyber security

forensic computing

network and security

network engineering

Mathematics and physics

any other STEM subjects

If you happen to be already working in cyber security, then it helps further your career by doing some extra courses to gain more qualifications.

Cyber security is a rewarding career path, but it is very demanding, long hours and requires you to be on track at all times. It is suggested to deepen your knowledge level of cyber security to get a complete idea what is exactly entails. Getting the knowledge first will help enthusiast to get a vision of what is expected in the job and the values to.