Vagabond Temple Offers a Holistic Personal Life Coaching Programme

Vagabond Temple, a healing centre in Cambodia, has a team of life coaches who take a holistic approach to helping individuals adopt positive habits and achieve their goals.

[CAMBODIA, 04/17/2018] — More and more people are recognising the power of seeking a life coach. The practice of life coaching is not limited to the sharing of personal advice; as a whole, it aims to help people think of new or better solutions to meet certain challenges and achieve their objectives. Life coaches, like the ones from Vagabond Temple, use their skills, training and experience to inspire others to adopt healthier habits in order to succeed.

Creating a Valuable Mindset

Professional life coaches aim for holistic results that cover the mind, body and spirit. To help people live happier and healthier lives, life coaches focus on action. Participants are encouraged to take concrete action in order to turn any negative thinking into a positive, optimistic mindset.

If a person is stressed and feels that they cannot identify the root of their problems, overcoming personal challenges can take a long time. The main purpose of listening to a life coach is to develop or improve physical and mental habits that empower people to reach their goals faster. With a life coach, people gain the support and clarity they need to build momentum to change for the better.

The Life Coaches at Vagabond Temple

Vagabond Temple offer holistic life coaching programmes that support actions at the physical, emotional and mental level to guide students to reach their goals. The life coaches at Vagabond Temple create a personalised programme depending on the circumstances of where their students are on their path of growth.

The programme’s individualised approach includes private sessions that involve different exercises; it can also include meditation, yoga and nutritious meals.

About Vagabond Temple

Vagabond Temple has a team of life coaches and yoga instructors who aim to lead individuals towards a personal transformation. The community offers various kinds of yoga and complementary mental and energy exercises such as pranayama, reiki courses and personal healing sessions.

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