Superior Heating & Cooling Installs, Maintains, and Repairs Air Conditioning Units

Superior Heating & Cooling helps its clients escape hot and humid days by offering all-around air conditioning services to improve the indoor air quality and temperature.

[BRIDGETON, 4/13/2018]—Superior Heating & Cooling, an HVAC company in Missouri, offers installation, repair, and maintenance of air conditioning (AC) units for residents in St. Louis, St. Charles, and surrounding areas.

The Importance of Air Conditioners in Missouri

The hot and humid summers are only two months away and Missouri homeowners need a good-quality AC to avoid the summer heat. However, using broken or faulty units may cost homeowners more on their electricity bill.

Electricity rates increase over the summer and, with the added energy usage from a broken AC, homeowners will have to pay more yet still not get the most out of their units.

This is what Superior Heating & Cooling seeks to fix with their all-around service. Having a trustworthy contractor means homeowners are saving money in the long run by using reliable AC units and having them maintained by licensed and experienced professionals.

Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

Superior Heating & Cooling’s experienced HVAC specialists follow a process to give its clients the best options for their AC requirements. The company recommends selecting top-brand units followed by installation and maintenance by experts because to do otherwise would risk affecting the unit’s efficiency to cool the room or whole house, resulting in higher utility bills.

Superior Heating & Cooling recommends replacing AC units that are at least eight years old for newer units with the present efficiency standards. If a unit shows signs of failing such as inconsistent temperatures, noises, or leaks, homeowners should have it repaired.

About Superior Heating & Cooling

Superior Heating & Cooling is a Missouri-based company that deals with the residential heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry around St. Louis and St. Charles area. Founded by Jack Mackey in 1972, Superior Heating & Cooling operated in Normandy until 2008, when it moved to Bridgeton to better serve its growing number of customers.

It has since been run by three generations of the Mackey family, providing years of experience and quality, reliable HVAC service.

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