Explore the Stunning Island of Crete – Hire Car in Crete

Planning a Cretan holiday? There is no better way to enjoy your island trip than with a car rental in Crete. The winding mountain roads, stunning view points, and paths that lead to the sea make rent a car in Crete an exciting journey. Driving around in the island is a rewarding experience, although not without its challenges. Knowing what to expect and preparing yourself for the terrain and the different surprises that lie on your way is key to a relaxing and enjoyable experience with a hire car in Crete. Below are smart tips to follow so you can explore Crete hassle-free and ensure a safe journey while driving around the island:

• Rules of the road – Anywhere you go, there will sure be something a little bit different than what you are used to, when it comes to rules and courtesies of the road. It may take a little while to get with the rhythm of the local drivers, but once you learn the groove of the local motorists, everything will be smooth sailing, especially when driving on less busy mountain roads. When you rent a car in Crete, remember that vehicles are right hand drive. This means that right of way is with cars coming from the right side. Another traffic rule to remember is that cars entering the traffic circle should be allowed to go first and those who are already in traffic must yield.
• Speed limits – When you hire car in Crete, you should be careful not to bust out your need for speed, as Cretan speed limits are quite tame. To avoid safety or legal issues, keep your speed at 50 kph (30 mph) in built-up areas and 90 kph (50 mph) on highways.
• Road signs – Crete has poor road signage, but watch out for those blue signs on the side of the road to get a good glimpse of where you are heading. If you stay calm, look past the graffiti and thick vegetation, and use your common sense, it is easy to navigate the island roads. The locals are also quite helpful and will always be willing to point you to the right direction should you miss your mark.
• Gassing up – It is easy keeping your rent a car in Crete filled up as major thoroughfares have no shortage of petrol stations. It is worth mentioning that many gas stations on the island close up shops early (usually by 9pm), although those that are located close to airports are open round the clock.

About The Author:
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