Make your baby’s room winter ready with Chicco Humidifier

Dry air is the major cause for so many health problems in babies- from nasal infection to sore throat which they can’t even let you know, and from dry skin and cracked lips to breathing issues in some cases. To get rid of this concerned issue and to balance the right moisture on this winter, Chicco introduces the new Humidifiers to relieve your baby from these symptoms.

A humidifier adds much-needed moisture to the air and creates favorable breathing conditions, allowing your baby to sleep comfortably. In winters, the humidity level can drop and having the right amount of humidity in your home will nurture your baby’s skin and overall health.

Chicco offers high quality humidifiers in three variants including HumiHot Humidifier, Humi Fresh Cold Humidifier and Humi Ambient Warm Humidifier.

Humi Hot Humidifier: The Humi Hot Humidifier creates the correct level of humidity, diffusing healthy bacteria-free steam. It is simple and safe to use. The flow of steam starts within few minutes as soon as the device is switched on. It has a practical essence container to nebulize aromatic and balsamic oils with the steam. Equipped with automatic switch off, it has approximate battery life of 7 hours

Humi Fresh Cold Humidifier: The Cold Humidifier Humi Fresh uses ultrasound technology and high frequency vibration system to nebulize tiny water particles in the room to increase humidity level. It is very quiet, does not disturb sleeping baby. Moreover, it’s safe for baby’s room as there is no risk of getting burnt from hot steam. It’s an excellent solution for both hot and dry climate. It comes with practical essence container that can nebulize aromatic and balsamic oils along with water.

Humi Ambient Lukewarm Steam Humidifier: Humi Ambient is the new lukewarm steam humidifier with a compact harmonious design that ensures daily well-being and a healthy environment for the whole family. The bacteria-free steam helps re-establish the correct level of humidity in heated environment or in rooms with air conditioning, preventing dry air from forming. It has a practical essence container to nebulize aromatic and balsamic oils with the steam.


Humi Hot Humidifier: INR 4490

Humi Fresh Cold Humidifier: INR 4900

Humi Ambient Lukewarm Humidifier: INR 4490

About Chicco India:

Chicco is one of the biggest global baby care brands from Italy. Chicco is part of the Italy based multinational company, Artsana Group. The brand takes care of multiple needs of babies in 0 to 36 month range through its innovative products in nursing, cosmetics, toys, travel (Strollers, highchairs and car safety seats) and fashion. With its brand essence of ‘wherever there’s a baby’,

Chicco puts its passion and expertise into capturing the moments between parents and babies to transform them into safe, simple, and effective solutions.