Tips For Designing Beautiful and Low Maintenance Garden

Let’s face it – a garden is a big investment in time and physical effort. A busy life does not permit you to spend time tending to your garden and before you know it nature takes control with an overgrowth of weeds. No doubt a garden is an important feature of your property, but it’s time to rethink how you will reduce your workload yet design a beautiful and low maintenance garden.

1. Reduce the planted areas: Yes, it is supposed to be plants in your garden but the more plants there are, the more effort and time you spend tending to them. A few well maintained and healthy plants along the fence with a couple of large shady trees creates a beautiful landscape. The vacant areas in the yard can be filled with paving stones or, a walkway around the garden works well too.

2. Create a seating area: Since your aim is to reduce garden maintenance, one option to design a beautiful outdoor space is to create a seating area where you can relax or entertain. Installing a patio in the garden corner or a bench under a shady tree makes for a cosy outdoor space. With fewer plants, you don’t have to spend every weekend doing digging or weeding.

3. Potted plants are low maintenance: Container gardening is ideal for small spaces. But it works well for your garden too. Potted plants make for a beautiful landscape if you use your imagination and co-ordinate colourful blooms with the season. And, potted plants can be moved around to create a change of scenery as often as you wish.

4. Rethink your lawn area: Lawn mowing is a frequent chore that takes up most of your time. Then there is weeding and fertilisation to keep it looking healthy. Consider reducing the workload by reducing your lawn size. It’s easier to tend to a small patch of green rather than a sprawling lawn. Better still, think about changing over to artificial grass.

5. Select native plants: Plants local to the area thrive in the environment. You don’t need to make an extra effort at watering and other Professional Lawn Maintenance that would otherwise be necessary to help non-native plants thrive.

6. Increase the size of your flower beds: Large sized flower beds are easier to maintain rather than small spaces. You might want to fit in a variety of plants in the space so as to prevent weed growth. Small flower beds need more upkeep which takes up more of your time.

These are just a few tips for designing a beautiful and low maintenance garden. If you need more advice or help with your garden, go to Speak to the gardening experts there, get ideas or a free quote for lawn and Garden Maintenance Services in your local area.