Comedy at your fingertips!

Accessing quality humour content was never as easy as it is now with this raving mobile app, Comedy Munch. With barely a year of existence, the app is being downloaded at an unprecedented rate and has already crossed 1 lakh downloads, and this isn’t without a reason.
For starters, most of us today deal with hectic schedules. With both partners pitching in as bread winners, families getting smaller and work load growing more than ever, it has become seemingly impossible for one to have the beloved ‘me time’. There hardly seems any respite even on the much awaited weekends, as household chores and social engagements take over. While staying at the top of one’s game is often considered as a precursor to success, it often takes away the solitude as well as the breathing space that an individual requires to work efficiently. It is at this point, when a light hearted short video laced with high quality humour can prove to be of great respite. And this is exactly what apps like Comedy Munch offer. Comedy is an art form that touches people from all walks of life, in a way that instantly relieves them of any stress, emotional, mental and in some cases even physical. After all, the adage “laughter is the best medicine” hasn’t been around for decades without reason!
Now that this elixir which can keep you beaming with a smile even on a tough day is available right in one’s hand within the smartphone, one simply doesn’t need to go anywhere in search of a stress-buster. Whether it is while taking a short break in office, while commuting to and fro from the workplace, or simply sipping the evening tea, Comedy Munch facilitates the creation of invaluable laughter filled moments every single time.
Thanks to impressive array of comedians on the app, right from the ‘Gajodhar’ Raju Srivastav, to the middle-class Punjabi Amit Tandon and the edgy Jeeveshu Ahluwalia, along with the ever charming Neeti Palta amongst many others, one can be assured of some of the best content. Available free of cost on both Android as well as iOS based devices, if the generous doses of rib ticklincg videos on this app don’t make someone laugh their heart out, we don’t know what will!